Pregnancy Update: Week 11

How Far Along: 11 weeks

Size of baby: about the size of a large plum – 2.5 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: it’s kind of fluctuating right now but normally I’m up about 5.5lbs

Maternity Clothes: still wearing my regular clothes – jeans with the BeBand and just choosing my shirts wisely

Gender: Too soon to tell. But I cannot wait to know! I need to shop.

Movement: Way too soon to feel that but I can’t wait for that to happen!!

Sleep: Pretty good; getting up a few times to pee but I go right back to sleep so it’s ok

What I miss: Sushi. I really miss sushi. But even though I can eat California rolls I just don’t even feel like taking the chance because what if they taste bad and then I hate them forever?! That would be tragic. Because I ate BBQ one day and I haven’t been able to even think it since without having my stomach turn.

Cravings: Nothing specific, but if something sounds good I have to have it.

Aversions: Well, BBQ and anything “buffalo” related – like buffalo chicken dip or sandwiches, which used to be a favorite I cannot even imagine eating right now. I also haven’t really eaten any homecooked meals in a while – I can’t stand the smell of our oven so that’s really limiting my food choices at the moment.

Symptoms: Still feeling sick – not quite as sick, so that’s promising but I still do feel kinda sick. I’m getting random bursts of energy so I’m hoping that’s a sign my energy will be back soon!

Labor Signs: No thank you.

Belly Button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On – but when it’s really hot my fingers get a little swollen (which is normal for me anyway) so I think by the time the temperatures are a steady warm I’ll take off my engagement ring since it’s a little snug anyway

Best moment this week: Having some energy over the weekend and feeling a little bit less sick

Looking forward to: Seeing the baby – our next ultrasound is the 26th!

Buddy likes being in pictures!

Starting to get a little bump


Pregnancy Update: Week 10

How Far Along: 10 weeks

Size of baby: size of a lime. So about double in size from last week. CRAZY.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still about the same.

Maternity Clothes: Wearing regular tops as long as they aren’t too tight because then I look like a poor girl that someone needs to tell she’s got a muffin top happening. And pants are unbuttoned with a BeBand. My MIL did buy me some maternity clothes – the tops are too big (they make me look like poor girl who can’t buy clothes that fit) and the pants fit but I know once I get in them I won’t come out and I only have 2 pairs so not enough to get me through the week.

Gender: Too soon to tell.

Movement: Way too soon to feel that.

Sleep: Yes, still with that pregnancy fatigue. Which is fine cause I have a free ride to nap (!!) and go to bed early!

What I miss: Still sushi. And eating real meals. I did eat a couple over Easter weekend but it’s hard to plan dinners during the week when I never know how I’ll feel.

Cravings: I haven’t really had any yet. I wanted a Slurpee the other day so I got one. It was damn amazing. But as far as food it’s still hit or miss.

Aversions: Still hit or miss. I hadn’t been able to eat pizza for a few weeks but on Sunday it sounded good and it was good. Pregnancy is weird.

Symptoms: The fatigue and the sickness. Other than that I’m good.

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On – though my engagement ring does get small sometimes over the summer (normally) because it is a tad too tight and Easter Sunday I had a little swelling. My ring went on fine, but there was a period of time where it was hurting my finger a bit. That ring probably won’t make it much longer, but my band which is bigger should be ok for a while.

Best moment this week: Telling our family over Easter. They were so excited. And then telling our friends (Facebook & work) on Monday. I think that was my most popular status ever!

Looking forward to: Having this morning sickness go away soon? I hope?

Telling our families

Telling our families was like the best thing I’ve ever done. We told them at the end of March after we’d had our first doctors appointment – I was hoping to have a ultrasound at that appointment so I’d have a picture for them as a cute way to tell them, but that didn’t happen so we had to think of something else. I was pretty pleased with how we were able to tell everyone and their reactions were priceless! They’ve all be waiting for this for a while and we’re all really glad there’s a baby coming!

Friday we went over to my parents house to tell them. When my Nana had passed my mom gave me some of her things that said Nana so that I could give them to her when she became a Nana. So I found a little sign, wrapped it up and had her open it. She loves presents so she was all kinds of excited to get a present for no reason! And she didn’t get it. And she didn’t even let my dad see it! She asked if it had come from Nana but it didn’t click to her. My dad finally asked what it was cause she didn’t even show him and he was like oh that’s neat….but he didn’t seem to get it either. Apparently they thought it was from Buddy. (though in all fairness, she does have a sign in her kitchen that says Nana’s Kitchen because she is a Nana to the dog ha!)

I finally was like yeah remember you told me to give Nana’s stuff back to you when you became a Nana? And she was like oh yeah. Then she freaked out and asked me if I was going to be a Nana cause she was so excited! I told her I wasn’t but she was. She couldn’t focus on anything for the rest of the night….we’re lucky we ate dinner haha! My dad was so excited and he was kinda mad we told him it was a secret and he couldn’t put it on FB for a few weeks. He said we shouldn’t have told him cause he can’t keep a secret so I told him to call my Godfather so he could at least tell 1 person – he seem pleased with that. And then he went out on their deck and screamed at the top of his lungs “I’m going to be a Granddaddy!” It was SO funny. But it was a little annoying – to me – since I really didn’t want him telling anyone. I wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep this a secret. He did, but it was mostly begrudgingly.

Telling my brother was probably my favorite. When we go in to see him we’re allowed 1 hug per person before we sit down. So I wanted to tell him right away – he hugged me and I just came out with it “you’re going to be an Uncle!” and he freaked out! I wasn’t sure he’d show a lot of emotion just because he’s in prison and all but he was like “what! omg! that’s so exciting” and he kept saying all day “Way to go Team Steve” hahaha it was funny. I haven’t seen him that excited about something in a long time and he’s extra excited because it’s the one thing he won’t miss at all since the baby is supposed to come after he gets home.

Steve’s parents have been in Bora Bora and they got home late Sunday night. They flew standby home so they almost didn’t get in until like the middle of the night but they did end up getting on a flight that had them landing at 9:40. Late, but not super late. We went out and bought them a picture frame that says “grandkids make life grand” and in the frame I put “Coming Nov 2012.” After MIL gave us (SIL and her GF were there too) all our gifts from their trip Steve was like oh yeah we have a gift for you too. And he made his dad open it, but all he got to do was open the box before MIL took over haha. She likes presents – I can’t blame her! She unwrapped the frame and had a little look of confusion on her face because she didn’t have her glasses on so she couldn’t read what the frame actually said. And then she got so excited and was like “omg I’m going to be a Grammy” FIL was like “so you’re going to have a baby” and had this shit-eating grin on his face. SIL and her GF were really excited too but there was really just a lot of omg’s and happy screaming from MIL. It was really exciting and I don’t think I’ve seen any of them this excited about something in a long time. MIL has wanted to be a Grammy for SO long and I’m glad we’re finally making her one!

Pregnancy Update: Week 9

How Far Along: 9 weeks

Size of baby: Size of a prune – so about 1.5 inches. We went to the doctor and baby was measuring 3.17cm.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still about the same.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I definitely cannot comfortably button my pants anymore so I opted for wearing a BeBand (Target’s Bella Band). That thing is amazing.

Gender: Too soon to tell.

Movement: Way too soon to feel that.

Sleep: Can’t get enough.

What I miss: I miss not feeling sick. And being able to stay up past 9. I stayed up until midnight over the weekend and that was cool – but I was a zombie the next day.

Cravings: Nothing really. I am basically still eating what sounds good because if it sounds good it’ll sit well.

Aversions: Still whatever smells bad. It’s weird – one day something might be awful and then the next it’s totally fine. I just take it day by day at this point.

Symptoms: Still the sickness and the fatigue. And the having to pee all the time. That one is going to be super fun.

Labor Signs: Nope!

Belly Button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Best moment this week: First ultrasound!! Hearing the baby’s heartbeat and see baby on the screen. That was amazing. And seeing Steve’s face when he saw the baby for the first time. Totally priceless.

Looking forward to: Telling our family on Easter. And then coming out to the rest of the world next week.

And now for pictures.

No real change from last week. Still looks like I just can’t quit eating.

This is my favorite.

and next week, thanks to an idea from my MIL, I’ll be including week signs since there’s not much of a change from week to week I’ll be able to tell what week is what when I make a book.

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 4-8

How Far Along: Weeks 4-8. Because I found out we were pregnant at 4 weeks (Feb 27) and we kept it a secret from the family until after we went to the doctor, which was almost week 8 (which started Mar 27). Plus nothing really changed between these weeks and I didn’t really start taking pictures until we were in week 8 anyway.

Size of baby: By the end of week 8 the baby was the size of a large raspberry

Total Weight Gain/Loss: The day I found out I was pregnant I weighed in at 115.5lbs. I was up to 118 by the end of week 8. Which is surprising since I can’t stand most food, but I guess since I’m really only eating cereal I’m technically “carb loading” haha

Maternity Clothes: Nope

Gender: Too soon to tell.

Movement: Way too soon to feel that.

Sleep: Yes please. All the time. And then some more.

What I miss: Wine & sushi. And also food in general since anything but cereal makes me wanna yack!

Cravings: Nope. Not yet. I mostly just have to eat what sounds good.

Aversions: Pretty much everything. If it smells I don’t want it.

Symptoms: Morning ( sickness; pregnancy fatigue; and sore breasts

Labor Signs: Nope. Not for a lot longer!

Belly Button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Best moment this week: In week 4 it was obviously finding out we were pregnant; weeks 5 and 6 were pretty much me sleeping and or nearly being sick so that’s not exciting; in week 7 it was our first doctors appt and scoring a prescription for Zofran which is only mildly helping but I’d hate to know what I’d feel like if I wasn’t taking it; and at the beginning of week 8 it was telling our parents and siblings. That was amazing. It’s exciting to be bringing the first grandchild for both parents in to the world.

Looking forward to: Our first ultrasound. That happens next week!

And I’ll be taking pictures in this outfit until the end. Our friend did this and Steve thinks this is the only way to take these pictures 😉 He’s cute so I’ll oblige. Plus, it really does make it pretty easy to see a difference. Though in this photo is just looks like I can’t keep food out of my face.

Oh hi there.

So yeah I went MIA again. It’s like my thing. I do have some things on my very long blog to do list….but apparently you have to make time for that. And that is something I am bad at. I would say I’ll try to get better, but I say that every time. And then I do ok. And then I disappear again. Like a magician. But not nearly as cool.

Either way….we went on a cruise in February (which I will actually post about, it was so much fun). And then… this happened.

So cruise in February = BABY in November! We’re due November 6.

We’re over the moon. We’ve been trying for a while, and apparently all we needed to do was hop on a boat with some booze and make the most of our days at sea 😉

And with that you can at least expect updates on a fairly weekly basis. I’ve got a couple I’m going to fire off right now because I’ve been saving them, but then the updates will go to a weekly thing.