Pregnancy Update: Week 14

At least I’m in the 14th week for this one….14 weeks, 4 days today to be exact. Moving along quite nicely.

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: according to the what to expect app the baby is the size of a navel orange (4.5in) and weighing in at about 2-3oz.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: up 8lbs

Maternity Clothes: still just the belly band.

Gender: Too soon to tell. But we find out June 15!

Movement: too soon to feel that.

Sleep: Doing fine, just getting up to pee if I don’t cut out the liquids before bed

What I miss: Onion rings. Onions in general haven’t been kind and I love some onion rings.

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Or weird either. I’m just basically susceptible to wanting something if someone mentions it and it sounds good.

Aversions: Onion. And recently I’ve smelled cooked meat in a bad way long after it’s been eaten or put away in our kitchen. It does not go over well.

Symptoms: I’ve had this weird constant mucus in the back of my throat which is making me gag or throw up when I brush my teeth. That is not fun.

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on…but I did keep them off over the weekend cause we were outside, it was hot, and I wasn’t chancing having them be uncomfortable

Best moment this week: Appleblossom festival was awesome. I had red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing and that was as amazing as it sounds.

Looking forward to: I go to the doctor next week for a regular checkup so that? Celebrating Mother’s day this coming weekend… though I’m sure that’ll be more fun next year when the baby is on the outside!

I don’t notice much difference between this week and week 13 but it is nice to actually look pregnant in some of my clothes. 

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