Pregnancy Update: Week 21

How Far Along: 21 weeks. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how fast this is going. I’m about half way through my 2nd trimester, which is crazy, but I’m not officially more than halfway done with this pregnancy. Also crazy.

Size of baby: She’s the size of spaghetti squash measuring at about 8 inches and weighing in at 1 pound! ONE WHOLE POUND! Grow baby girl, grow!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still about the same. It fluctuates day to day so I basically take a weekly average but I am probably up about a pound more than last week. Baby girl likes her sweets and Mama obliges greatly.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I fit comfortably in maternity and regular clothes so for now I’m wearing whatever I want and taking great joy that I still have a large(ish) closet to select from.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: She’s moving around more and more but she’s still keeping her movements mainly for me. Sometimes I think I can feel her from the outside but since I can feel her from the inside I’m not entirely sure but she doesn’t move around long enough for me to get someone else to come feel her. Soon enough though and there are plenty of eager hands waiting to feel her!

Sleep: I sleep fine and I’m up only like once or twice at night to pee. I do wake up a little stiff but that’s largely due to the fact that I’m sleeping on my hips and those things just hurt in general so I can’t wait to see how much more hurt they bring me.

What I miss: Wine and sushi. It’s just a given at this point. And being completely comfortable because it’s definitely no fun to wake up so sore all the time.

Cravings: Mainly sweets. Of any and all kinds. And lots of them.

Aversions: Nothing really, but if something doesn’t sound good I don’t eat it for sure.

Symptoms: Just achy body really. And that’s usually gone after I really get moving for the day. And if lazy is a symptom then I have that too.

Labor Signs: No thank you!

Belly Button in or out: Oh it is certainly on its way out that is for sure. But it’s still technically in. It does look funny though.

Wedding rings on or off: On and off – wedding band on all the time; engagement ring on most of the time but if it’s going to be super hot I just leave it off because it’ll hurt my hand.

Best moment this week: Steve’s cousin was in town this weekend so it was nice to see her & we celebrated Steve’s mom’s birthday. The big 60! So there was ice cream cake. Obviously that was amazing.

Looking forward to: We’ll be in NC celebrating our friends wedding this week so it’ll be nice to get away a bit and to see our friends and celebrate their new life together!

 I realize I look super tired in this photo. Its because I am. Because it was like 7am and while I’m normally up and at work at 7 it doesn’t mean I’m functioning and awake at 7 haha.


Bedding. Oh the bedding!

Bedding is probably the first thing I want to get. Because with bedding comes colors and then a possible theme. I don’t really want a theme-y room because I want her to be able to grow in to it and not be stuck with princesses or whatever. Plus, I’ve never really been theme-y and our house is basically themed around colors and not specific things. Except my wine kitchen. Because, well, wine. So for baby girl I’m looking at more patterned and colored bedding vs something with a really girly theme.

I am really liking this pink and green bedding. It’s not overly pink or overly green in my opinion and I think the circles are easy to work with.

I like this one because it has the yellow in it because when we painted our kitchen we had selected a yellow for the sun room part, but then decided to just go green all the way around, so now we have two gallons of yellow just…there and it’s not a bright yellow so it might be nice in the baby’s room. With pink accents. Duh.
I have a thing with circles apparently. But they’re just so easy to work with I think. Or they might not be. I have no idea. 
And then there is this brown/pink option. A little darker brown but that’s not a bad thing. Still girly, but not overly girly. And I like the wall especially. Maybe I can convince my husband we need to do this wainscoating in her room…. doubtful, but maybe!
So there you have it.  I’m leaning towards a more muted wall color so it’s not overly bright and painful on the eyes. And perhaps that’ll be easier to work with. I have no idea really. I’m just winging it…

Dear baby girl

Dear baby girl,

I decided I wanted to start writing you letters. I’m hoping that through these letters you find me and my great love for you. I have loved you from the very moment that I knew you were coming. I have always known I would be a mother one day, and I’m lucky that I am not having the opportunity to be your Mama. I want to be the very best Mama to you that I can. Even though I will likely make mistakes along the way I will always do everything for you out of love.

I wish I had started writing to you at the beginning of my pregnancy with you, but you made Mama so very sick and so very tired that she just did not have the energy to do anything but go to work, eat, and sleep. I think those might have been the most boring 3 months for Daddy because I really was not up for much of anything. Thankfully, I got my energy back and I’m not quite as boring anymore.

I want to start by telling you that you were (and are) so very wanted. And we tried for you for nearly a year. I was beginning to give up hope, but your Daddy was always there to tell me that one day we’d be parents. And after a while, he was right. I have never been so excited in my life. And scared. But completely overjoyed at the thought of welcoming you in to our lives. To have you to make us a family.

Our first trip to the doctor was quite amazing. We didn’t know what to expect with the ultrasound since you’re our first, but I was immediately smitten when I saw you on the screen. The look on your Daddy’s face when he saw you for the first time was incredibly priceless and it’s a look that I will never forget for as long as I live. My favorite thing has been watching you grow during our ultrasounds. You’re getting so big and so strong and right on track too. I’m kind of sad that we won’t really be seeing you again until you get here. We might pay for a 3D ultrasound, but we’re undecided right now.

I’ve also really enjoyed feeling you move around inside me. The first day you were super active, so I was excited that I’d feel you so much. But then you weren’t as active and I worried about that. But the doctor told me that was completely normal and that you’re just not really big enough for me to feel all the movement yet. I feel you move more and more each day and if I lay really still you become more active. Secretly, I’m really glad that for now all your movements are only for me but I am really excited to share them with Daddy. We’re pretty sure he felt you kick a little bit the other day. Just once though, and his face lit up like a thousand suns so I can’t wait to see it when he can really feel you kicking up a storm.

Right now we’re half way through our journey as just you and me. Some days I want you to be here right now just so I can snuggle and love and kiss on you. And then other days I really want time to slow down because I’m just now starting to enjoy this journey with you and I want to enjoy it as much as possible before it’s over. We can’t wait to meet you sweet girl, but for now we’re enjoying the journey we’re taking to get you here.

 With love, Mama

Nursery ideas

Since last Friday when we found out that we’re having a sweet baby girl I’ve had images of pink nurseries going through my head. I’ve been pinning and pinning everything I come across that I even remotely like. I figured I’d share my thoughts here. I usually only like one or two things from a certain idea so who knows what this girl’s room will actually turn out to look like.

I have been seeing a lot of tree’s on walls. And I really like it, but I’d like to do something like this so it’s not just a decoration, but it can be functional too…

But I do have a couple shelves that my dad made me years ago, that hung in my room for a very long time so I might want to pass those on because they are kind of kid like and don’t really go in any other room in our home. (He carved bears in to them, which would be adorable for a baby’s room) And they are a darker stain so they definitely wouldn’t look good with this white tree. And I want to do darker furniture because…well, for no reason other than I like dark stained furniture haha.
I really think this tree is cute….especially with the name in the middle

If I thought Steve would seriously let me paint her room this pink I would be all over it. It’s really bright and I’d probably get sick of it sooner rather than later but it just looks so…girl…
I also am really fond of that tree. I like that it’s not all white so there’s that. 

This is probably my most favorite tree.
So there’s my love affair with trees. I’ve got plenty more ideas brewing but for now the only thing I’ve really settled on is that there will be girly pink in this room. And possibly a tree.

Pregnancy Update: Week 20

How Far Along: 20 weeks. HALF WAY THERE!! Baby girl is half baked!! My goodness how time flies. I feel like I just peed on that stick and now we know she is a she and we’re thinking nursery and freaking out a bit that one day we’ll have a teenage girl. Just. Like. Me.

Size of baby: She’s the size of a banana weighing in at about 11oz (she was 10.5 at the doctor on Friday) and is about 7inches in length (I forgot to ask how long she was).

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still up about 15lbs. I definitely look pregnant, but I certainly don’t look like I’ve gained this much weight.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. My regular clothes still fit with my band so I wear them and my maternity clothes are fitting better so I wear them too. Basically I just wear whatever I want and I try to not even put on shirts that look like they won’t be long enough to either cover the band or the maternity panel in the pants cause then I get sad and suddenly the only thing I want to wear is that stupid shirt and then I become a mess. Hormones for the win haha!

Gender: BABY GIRL!

Movement: I feel it randomly. Nothing totally consistent, but little here and there. That had me worried a bit, but the doctor says that’s normal so I feel better now. Maybe she’s just a sleeper like her Mama

Sleep: My hips hate sleeping on my side. I sleep pretty soundly, but I wake once or twice to pee so I switch sides so my hips don’t hurt as bad. I’ve started using a body pillow which seems to help more than the throw pillows I was using before.

What I miss: Wine and sushi. I’m just going to miss that the whole time.

Cravings: I have an incredible sweet tooth. Baby girl loves her sweets. Just like Mama. But she makes it impossible for me to have any of the willpower I used to have. We went to Walmart for groceries over the weekend and right at the entrance to the store was the fixins for S’mores. And before I knew what was happening they were in the cart. Luckily Steve was with me because at the end of that “getcha” aisle there was a snow cone maker we did not need but I wanted so badly.

Aversions: Anything with BBQ sauce sounds awful. The last time I ate it it didn’t sit right with me but I haven’t been able to try it since.

Symptoms: I’m feeling pretty good lately so that’s pretty awesome.

Labor Signs: No thank you!

Belly Button in or out: In-ish….it’s on it’s way out though. I finally did take my belly button ring out. And now my stomach looks funny without it.

Wedding rings on or off: On and off. Depends on how hot/humid it is. I can wear my band all the time comfortably, it’s that engagement ring that’s a touch too small that does me in.

Best moment this week: Father’s day was pretty awesome. And finding out that my mom had kept 2 boxes of my old baby clothes so we went through those and I took them home with me. They are so cute! Especially some of the one’s that my mom knit for me… they look amazing after almost 30 years so maybe one day I’ll be able to pass them on to my girl

 Looking forward to: My MIL turns 60 this week so that’s pretty exciting. We’re having a BBQ for her on Saturday so that should be a nice family day.

20 weeks.

Pregnancy Update: Week 19

How Far Along: 19 weeks. NINETEEN! That is crazy. Next week I’ll officially be half way. I’m not complaining that time is moving so fast, but I probably should like do stuff to prepare for this baby huh?! Size of baby:

Still the size of a mango, just a little bigger one… 6.5inches and 10 ounces. All of this is according to my what to expect app.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve stayed the same as last week. 14lbs. I’m less happy about it this week than I was last week. Suddenly I’m feeling like that is a lot and maybe I should slow down on the sweets and maybe eat more of the healthy food I really do enjoy.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I fit in my regular clothes so I wear them so I don’t get bored of the few maternity pieces I have.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!! Bring on the pink!!!

Movement: Still pretty random but it’s there.

 Sleep: I’ve started needing a pillow in between my knees and wedged under my belly to try to make me more comfortable. I just was waking up with the sorest hips ever and the pillow between my knees seems to help that. And so does alternating sides when I get up to pee. The one under my belly just helps to not feel like my stomach is pulling itself down.

What I miss: Feeling good and like myself. Between growing pains and my crazy hormones I just don’t feel like myself. And I miss being able to walk in to any store I want and browsing through the clothes.

Cravings: I don’t have any consistent cravings. I have an incredible sweet tooth though, which isn’t unusual, but at the same time it kind of is for me because I do enjoy fruits and veggies but this baby seems to like chocolate. But man, when I want something I have got to have it right away.

Aversions: Nothing really which is nice for a change.

Symptoms: I’m actually feeling pretty good minus the growing pains but all the sickness/mucus stuff I had going on seems to have moved on for the most part. I still have bad mucus days but they seem to coincide with the high pollen counts so I think they’re related…

Labor Signs: Nope!

Belly Button in or out: In for now. I don’t know how much longer that will be like that though.

Wedding rings on or off: On but it’s likely that my engagement ring will be off by the end of the month

Best moment this week: Finding out we’re having a baby girl. Seeing the look on Steve’s face when the tech said “it’s a girl.” Priceless.

Looking forward to:  Father’s day this weekend. And Steve doesn’t have baseball all next week so that’s especially nice.

Week 19. 

Baby girl!

Pregnancy Update: Week 18

How Far Along: 18 weeks!

Size of baby: The size of a mango! 6inches and 1/2 a pound! That’s crazy. Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m up about 14 pounds total. That is approximately one pound a week for every week I have known I was pregnant. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but if it keeps it up I’m going to gain 40 pounds which sounds excessive to me since the doctor wants me to gain 25-30. Maybe I need to back away from the pie. And oreos. And ice cream. Oh but I love sweets!! Either way, it doesn’t look like I’ve gained 14 pounds. I don’t know. I still feel like I look pretty small and I am trying to stay pretty active (between my prenatal workout DVDs and taking the dog for regular walks – I’m not over doing it) so I guess there’s that.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. They fit fine and my regular clothes still fit (some of them don’t but some do just depends) so I go back and forth and just base it on what I want to wear. I am trying to wear more of my regular clothes for now since I know that before long I really won’t be able to wear them.

 Gender: WE FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!!!! OMG!!!! JUNE 15 GET HERE FAST! Movement: It’s been pretty random, I’ve felt some but nothing consistent yet.

Sleep: Yes. Though I’m struggling to sleep on my side really. My shoulders hurt. I’m a stomach sleeper and I really miss that.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach lol. And not being crazy hormonal. The food and wine misses haven’t changed – I miss sushi and wine like CRAZY. I want that in my hospital room folks!

Cravings: They’ve been random and not really repeating. This week I have wanted chocolate cake (went with a chocolate cream pie though, so freaking good) and taco salad. Not together of course, but they were both “oh my goodness I need this right now.” So I went out and got them right then. I wanted a peach the other day, and Steve said he’d get me one until he realized that we actually had none and he’d need to go to the store so he said I could not have a peach. That was mean.

Aversions: Nothing really. Me and food are good for now.

Symptoms: I still have that awful mucus thing going on. It’s really annoying and I’m hoping it isn’t truly allergy related so that it will go away sooner rather than later.

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out: In. But it looks suspicious.

Wedding rings on or off: Both on again. The temps stopped being in the 90s and it hasn’t been as humid so I haven’t been swollen or anything so I’m wearing both rings now. I’ll probably go back and forth for a while before they finally come off for good.

 Best moment this week: Spending some time with my Mom over the weekend. Having the weather be kind and not be so freaking hot. Getting to do a little shopping just for me.

 Looking forward to: Finding out what we’ve got in my belly! And more consistent movements (remind me of that when they get annoying ok?! Haha!)