Dear baby girl

Dear baby girl,

I decided I wanted to start writing you letters. I’m hoping that through these letters you find me and my great love for you. I have loved you from the very moment that I knew you were coming. I have always known I would be a mother one day, and I’m lucky that I am not having the opportunity to be your Mama. I want to be the very best Mama to you that I can. Even though I will likely make mistakes along the way I will always do everything for you out of love.

I wish I had started writing to you at the beginning of my pregnancy with you, but you made Mama so very sick and so very tired that she just did not have the energy to do anything but go to work, eat, and sleep. I think those might have been the most boring 3 months for Daddy because I really was not up for much of anything. Thankfully, I got my energy back and I’m not quite as boring anymore.

I want to start by telling you that you were (and are) so very wanted. And we tried for you for nearly a year. I was beginning to give up hope, but your Daddy was always there to tell me that one day we’d be parents. And after a while, he was right. I have never been so excited in my life. And scared. But completely overjoyed at the thought of welcoming you in to our lives. To have you to make us a family.

Our first trip to the doctor was quite amazing. We didn’t know what to expect with the ultrasound since you’re our first, but I was immediately smitten when I saw you on the screen. The look on your Daddy’s face when he saw you for the first time was incredibly priceless and it’s a look that I will never forget for as long as I live. My favorite thing has been watching you grow during our ultrasounds. You’re getting so big and so strong and right on track too. I’m kind of sad that we won’t really be seeing you again until you get here. We might pay for a 3D ultrasound, but we’re undecided right now.

I’ve also really enjoyed feeling you move around inside me. The first day you were super active, so I was excited that I’d feel you so much. But then you weren’t as active and I worried about that. But the doctor told me that was completely normal and that you’re just not really big enough for me to feel all the movement yet. I feel you move more and more each day and if I lay really still you become more active. Secretly, I’m really glad that for now all your movements are only for me but I am really excited to share them with Daddy. We’re pretty sure he felt you kick a little bit the other day. Just once though, and his face lit up like a thousand suns so I can’t wait to see it when he can really feel you kicking up a storm.

Right now we’re half way through our journey as just you and me. Some days I want you to be here right now just so I can snuggle and love and kiss on you. And then other days I really want time to slow down because I’m just now starting to enjoy this journey with you and I want to enjoy it as much as possible before it’s over. We can’t wait to meet you sweet girl, but for now we’re enjoying the journey we’re taking to get you here.

 With love, Mama


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