More bedding ideas.

We still haven’t decided on bedding but here’s hoping that we get to that soon. Steve and I are supposed to sit down and really look at bedding so we can move forward with that, and while I want him to be involved with these decisions as much as he wants to be, I’d really appreciate him to be on my Iwanttodothisrightnow timetable and not on his wevegotsomuchtime timetable haha.

Either way, here’s some of the ideas I’ve got going on right now. I love so much bedding and it’s all so cute that it’s really hard to decide.

I like the sweetness of this set. I really lean towards pink and brown, but something about this set just keeps grabbing my attention.

These three are definitely the pink and brown that I really like. I like how they have simple designs, but aren’t so much of a theme that the stuff I have in mind will go well.

 This last one is really kind of simple and clean and I like that a lot. It has a little brown but isn’t as overwhelming as the above three. And I found some really cute decals that would go pretty well with this set so there’s that.


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