Pregnancy Update: Week 30

 How Far Along: 30 weeks. THIRTY. I don’t even know how it is possible that I only have 10 weeks left.

Size of baby: She’s the size of a head of lettuce! Measuring at about 18inches and weighing in at about 3.2 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have no idea. I haven’t been on the scale since I was at the doctor last and that was about 2 weeks ago and I was up 25 lbs at that point. The doctor tells me I am growing/measuring perfectly so those are the things I focus on at this point. That and everyone says I’m so tiny which makes me feel good!

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I can still fit in to non-maternity pants with my band and shirts as long as they’re long enough. I’m also trying to be more conscious to wear shirts that are a little baggier so they don’t get all stretched out so that they will look funny on my post-baby body. I do have a number of maternity clothes that make more regular appearances in my wardrobe.

Gender: BABY GIRL!! Movement: Oh yeah. She’s a mover and a shaker for sure. The other night when I was trying to fall asleep she was moving all over the place and it made me seriously wish I could just peak in there to see what was going on.

Sleep: Same story, different week. I wake to pee a couple times and it’s hard to get comfortable. Basically I’m ready for there to be a baby here since I’m up and down all night anyway but at least then maybe I could give my poor hips a break since they are so, so sore.

What I miss: I miss being able to get up off the floor gracefully. That’s definitely a thing of the past now.

Cravings: I have a super sweet tooth but I still love my fruit so maybe they balance each other out (they probably don’t though). I don’t really crave anything too crazy though, but when I have to have something I have to have it.

Aversions: Nothing, we’re all good in the food neighborhood these days Symptoms: Heartburn, achy body, waking to pee, uncomfortable sleep, trouble getting up off the floor, a touch of some restless leg syndrome, and my sciatic nerve is all kinds of enjoying being a pain in the rear

Labor Signs: Nothing yet… some Braxton hicks contractions, but nothing that should leave me (or anyone else) concerned.

Belly Button in or out: Totally out.

Wedding rings on or off: wedding band is on still but my engagement ring has been off for weeks.

Best moment this week: I’m not sure really. Steve hurt his back a bit so he hasn’t been able to carry up her furniture, which is fine because I don’t need him seriously hurting himself this close to her arrival and with so much left to do. It is nice to have all the touch-ups to the paint done and knowing that we’ll have her furniture in there soon.

Looking forward to: Putting together her furniture and emptying out her closet since I just shoved everything in there to clear the room for the painting. Also doing her laundry, which I’m sure will wear off after she gets here because I really hate to do laundry but her little clothes are just so stinkin’ cute!


I’m a Hero.

I live kind of out in the country. I pass a couple farms on my way to work each morning on this back road that I take to get to the main road. I like that road, it’s cute and it’s very country. It’s also (in my opinion, though my husband would disagree) a faster way to get to the main highway/road. I leave for work about 6am if I was able to avoid snoozing too much and got out of the house on time. This particular morning I was able to get out of the house at about 6am which was really awesome considering I did hit the snooze a few too many times.

As I’m driving down this back road I nearly miss hitting a jogger on the side of the road (no sidewalks so he was running on the road) wearing black shorts and a black shirt. I was recovering from the little panic attack because I almost hit a person when I see a DOG! A cute little white dog just walking down the middle of the road. I immediately stop – in the middle of the road – and throw open the passenger side door (which is actually hard for me to get to right now as it turns out, but I did it). This little fella jumped right in my car appearing thankful that someone was saving him from his adventure. Once I got him in the car and got my door closed I pulled off to the side of the road so that I could investigate this little guy.

Almost immediately another car pulled up along side me, and I figured it was my neighbor since we take the same way to work and they left just a few moments behind me. But it was a cop. Apparently, when you stop in the middle of the road, throw open your door, close it real fast, and then pull off to the side you appear to be in some sort of trouble. So he stopped and asked if I was ok – which I was, but our conversation went a little like this…

Cop – Um, are you ok?

Me – Oh yeah I’m fine. I found a dog!

Cop – In your car?!

Here’s what I wanted to say… yeah dumbass, I’m just driving along and then BAM suddenly there’s a strange dog in my car I didn’t know was there. Lucky for him he was found in the safety of a strangers car.

Here’s what I actually said – NO. I found him on the road. He was just wandering around and I couldn’t just leave him there.

Cop – Well, what are you planning on doing with him?

Me – I have no idea I JUST found him (which I know he knows because he was right behind me) so I haven’t had a chance to look for his tag (plus it’s hard to bend down and he’s hanging out on my passenger side floor so he’s not making this easy on his rescuer)

Cop – well, you can always take him to the pound. (at which point he proceeded to give me directions to the pound cause I didn’t know where it was…. not that I would have actually taken him there because I just don’t think I could because this dog was obviously well taken care of and definitely someones pet)

At this point, a car had pulled up and stopped behind us so he was hesitant to leave me alone, at dawn, with a stranger in a car behind me and a random dog. I checked out the car, saw it was my neighbors and told him so which made him comfortable enough to leave since there was nothing else he could do. I thanked him for stopping and he headed on his way.

My neighbors pulled up next and asked what was going on. So I recapped my story for them and she pulled over and came over to help investigate this dog so I didn’t actually have to get out of the car and was clearly having a hard time bending over the center console to get to the poor scared guy on my floor. He had a tag and his home was right up the road so she left and I took him home. When I pulled up to the house there was another dog roaming around on the property so I figure this little guy just decided he needed a morning adventure. I dropped him off and he seemed pretty excited to be back home!

I’m glad I was able to get out of the house on time this morning so that I could save this little guy.

Pregnancy update: Week 29

How Far Along: 29 Weeks. I probably don’t have to say it again that I’m amazed this is going by so fast huh?!

Size of baby: She’s the size of a butternut squash measuring at about 17 inches and weighing in at 3.1 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I stopped getting on the scale really. My doctor was pleased with my gain and measurements last week and I think I look cute even though I feel big but no one else seems to think I look big so I’ll figure out at the end how much I gained and obviously I’ll slow it down if the doctor says I need to.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I can still fit in to my pants with the BeBand but I do tend to stick to more of my maternity pants just because I have it and I might as well wear it. Shirts are about a 50/50 mix of maternity and pre-pregnancy. I tend to wear whatever I’m feeling like wearing that day. Which included a bright yellow shirt the other day… which then made me feel like I was smuggling the sun, so I probably won’t be wearing that again haha.

Gender: BABY GIRL!! Movement: Most definitely. It takes about 10 minutes to get our kick counts done each night, but I tend to lay there for longer than that just because I love feeling her moving around in there.

Sleep: It’s definitely not getting any better. Guess it’s a good thing I’m getting used to being tired all the time huh?!

What I miss: I really miss comfortable sleep. Cravings: I’m always game for Mexican or pizza. Or anything sweet…. Like the Phish Food ice cream I sent Steve to the store for the other day.

Aversions: Nothing, I’m doing really well in the food department

Symptoms: Heartburn, uncomfortable sleep, waking to pee 3 times a night, oh and swollen feet have made their appearance. Which is annoying since I sit at work with my feet propped up, I drink a TON of water (and other fluids) so I’m always racing to the bathroom but yeah, swollen feet. Not swollen anything else just the feet.

Labor Signs: Random Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing to be concerned about.

Belly Button in or out: Out and proud!

Wedding rings on or off: Engagement ring off, wedding band on.

Best moment this week: We painted her nursery. I love the color and I’m glad I was finally able to settle on a color.

Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery. We need to finish clearing out the random leftover guest room stuff and we can get to building furniture and setting up her room. SO EXCITING!

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

How Far Along: 28 Weeks! THAT IS THIRD TRIMESTER FOLKS! 7 whole months! Which means 3 months to go.

Size of baby: She’s the size of a small head of cabbage measuring at about 17 inches long and weighing in about 2.9 pounds!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don’t like to weigh myself right now. No one is concerned about my weight (meaning my doctors) and I still get comments all the time about how small I am and my regular clothes fit so I just gave up on the scale cause it was making me stress out even though it wasn’t making anyone else stress out.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I still fit in to my regular clothing (pants with a BeBand) so I’m going to keep on wearing them for as long as they’ll let me without stretching them out so they look funny when I get my body back after this girl is born. I do have maternity clothes but I’m not buying any more until I really need them.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: More and more. She is definitely getting her grove on; but she still isn’t up for showing off when people want to feel her. Daddy has felt her because she moves a lot at night after I’ve been pretty relaxed for a while, but he’s the only one that’s gotten to experience her besides me.

Sleep: Sleep is overrated. Apparently. It’s getting harder and harder to get a good night’s sleep. I can nap with the best of them, but sleeping all night is a thing of the past.

What I miss: A solid night’s sleep. I just feel tired all the time and even though I otherwise feel great it doesn’t matter when you’re exhausted.

Cravings: BBQ! Finally I want that again. BBQ is one of my favorite foods on earth (always has been) but when I was first pregnant I ate some and it was terrible – which was even more terrible for me – and I haven’t wanted it since but just recently I smelled some at work and it was all I could think about. We went out for BBQ over the weekend and it was amazing!

Aversions: Nothing really. I love food and food loves me!

Symptoms: Heartburn on the regular which just seems to be triggered by food in general so that is super fun! I’m achy which isn’t really all that new to me but it’s just annoying to constantly be achy as opposed to before I was pregnant when I was just achy after a long run.

Labor Signs: No thank you!

Belly Button in or out: It’s out. And you can totally see it through my clothes sometimes when I’m wearing pants with a low maternity panel. That is super awesome haha.

Wedding rings on or off: Band is on, engagement ring is off.

Best moment this week: Over the weekend we went to a huge yard sale (the route 11 crawl, 42 miles of yard sale to be precise) with my parents and Aunts and Uncle and we picked up this prenatal heart listener at one of the stops and I was testing it out and picked her up right away so I quickly put the headphones on my mom and her face was priceless. I called my Aunts over to hear and they were just as excited. Some guy got so excited that he decided to take a listen too haha. Not sure who he was, but at least he didn’t actually come in for a belly rub! That evening we took our new toy over to Steve’s parents house and his sister was there so they got to listen too (well, not his dad because he was asleep). She might not want to show off her kicks for them, but it was really awesome to let everyone hear her little heart beating away!

Looking forward to: We picked paint finally (and by finally, I mean because I picked it then changed my mind then couldn’t decide so I finally decided what I wanted for her room) which means we can get to painting and then we can set up her furniture and then I can fill her room with all the other goodies I have!!

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

How Far Along: 27 weeks!

Size of baby: She’s as big as a head of cauliflower! Measuring 16in long and weighing in at 2.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I donno – let’s just go with what I said last week, 24 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I’m still fitting in to regular clothes – shirts if they’re longer, and pants with my BeBand. I do have maternity clothes that I wear too. At this point I’m trying to see how long these regular clothes will last cause they’ve lasted longer than I imagined.

Gender: BABY GIRL!! Movement: Oh yeah – more and more – and I can tell she’s getting bigger and stronger because I’m feeling her move around more consistently.

Sleep: HA! It’s hit or miss at this point and not nearly as comfortable as I’d like it to be.

What I miss: At this point, I really miss being comfortable and being able to sleep. I still miss good sushi (not California rolls) and wine but who wouldn’t?!

 Cravings: I really don’t have any weird cravings. I crave fruit and sweets and sometimes I’ll really want something in particular but I haven’t craved anything consistently.

Aversions: Nothing I’m doing really well in the food department!

Symptoms: Heartburn; body aches; being hot all the time; and uncomfortable sleep. And the other day my stomach was really tight which wasn’t so much painful as it was really uncomfortable in any position I was in so I guzzled some water, took a hot shower, and went to bed and I woke up feeling much better so who knows what that was about.

Labor Signs: Nope!

Belly Button in or out: Out. Out. Out.

Wedding rings on or off: Engagement ring off, wedding band on.

Best moment this week: We got the nursery pretty much cleared out (some small-ish stuff that we’ll move to the basement when we’re ready to paint) and we made some progress on the basement get the 2nd half cleaned so we can start to finish that.

Looking forward to: Being in my third trimester next week! That’s pretty awesome.

Pregnancy Update: Week 26

How Far Along: 26 weeks. Which means I have 3 1/2 months to go. THREE AND A HALF. I don’t even know what to say about how crazy that is. I’m nearing the end of my 2nd trimester and the beginning of my 3rd. It’s all just going so fast.

Size of baby: She’s the size of a cucumber this week. Measuring at 15 inches and weighing in at 2.2lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well I got on the scale this morning for the first time in weeks. Apparently I am now up 24 pounds. Boy was I surprised since I don’t feel like I look any bigger. Pregnancy is weird.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. I wear them, but I can still fit in to my regular clothes (pants with the BeBand). Which makes it even more crazy that I have gained 24 pounds. And also very glad that I like my shirts on the pretty long side so they are still long enough to go over the belly and still look good.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: She’s moving more and more these days which is pretty cool. She still prefers to be more active when I am being less active but I guess that makes sense. I also play her music from my iPod (phone) and she’ll “dance” to that. She appears to like the country music just like her Mama.

Sleep: It’s getting harder and harder to feel like I get a good nights sleep. I do sleep, but I’m up once or twice for the bathroom. And it’s hard to get comfortable when I am sleeping. And sometimes I wake up on my back and that actually kind of hurts. I take naps though every day when I get home from work because I just can’t do anything more until I get a little nap. And Buddy likes to curl up around the belly (when we’re napping on the couch that is) so that’s pretty cute. He’s going to run out of room here soon but I don’t think he realizes that.

What I miss: Solid sleep.

Cravings: Fruit in general is yummy! I still have that sweet tooth. And I do enjoy pickles, but I’ve always liked those so that isn’t really a pregnancy thing for me. Other than that I haven’t had any weird pregnancy cravings.

Aversions: Nothing in particular.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN! It is terrible. I’m definitely a Tums girl now.

Labor Signs: No thank you!

Belly Button in or out: It’s out. OUT. And according to my mother “looks weird” THANKS MOM!

Wedding rings on or off: band on, engagement ring off.

Best moment this week: we bought furniture; we picked out bedding and a stroller; and we registered! We also ordered baby shower invites so the planning has begun for that! SO EXCITING!

Looking forward to: Getting all the furniture and starting on the nursery. I am so ready for that!