Pregnancy Update: Week 34

How Far Along: 34 weeks! With 6 weeks (though if you’re basically anyone to look at me you will say that it’s less because I will definitely be having this baby in October… guess we’ll see!)

Size of baby: She’s the size of a large cantaloupe. Measuring anywhere from 19 to 22 inches and weighing in at about 5.5 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was up 34 pounds at my last appt. I go again on Thursday and expect to be up two more pounds because it seems like I’ve been gaining about 1 pound a week at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely – I did try on some non-maternity jeans from my closet and they fit with my band so that’s a cool addition to my wardrobe. I’m trying to stick with either loose fitting non-maternity shirts so I don’t stretch out my regular clothes or just maternity shirts. As long as I’m comfortable I’ll wear whatever I can.

Gender: BABY GIRL!! Movement: She’s definitely an active baby. She is on the move a lot during the day (rolling around? I have no idea what she’s doing but I wish so badly I could just peak in!). She moves A TON at night or when I’m laying down. Kick count usually takes less than 10 minutes to get 4. The only time she doesn’t move? When I’m at either parents house because they want to feel her so bad. Stubborn should be her middle name!

Sleep: I get sleep, but it’s not great or anything. I’m up every couple (2 or less) hours to pee and I’m definitely uncomfortable and sometimes I just wake up sore.

What I miss: Comfortable sleep; being able to get up with ease; not being sore all the time; seeing my feet; not having to pee every 30 minutes; being able to eat a full meal; eating anything and not getting heartburn. But I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world!

Cravings: Oreo’s. I have started calling my weight Oreo weight haha! Aversions: Nothing…except being comfortable apparently.

Symptoms: Aside from everything in the what I miss category I have noticed I tend to get some swelling in my right foot. A little in my left, but a lot in my right. It’s weird to have one swollen foot, but the weather has cooled down a bit and I’ve been wearing pants so you can’t see my weird feet at least. I also am unable to wear shoes; it was really cold one morning so I decided I’d wear shoes to work instead of my flip flops and I got one on (my left, unswollen foot) and it was pretty difficult to get that taken care of but I was half way there…until my right shoe wouldn’t go on because my foot was so swollen. That was definitely a disappointment since I had gone through so much trouble to get the other one on just to have to take it off. So I wore slippers to work and put on my flip flops when I got there.

Labor Signs: Nope. Having some Braxton hicks contractions, but after some water those tend to go away.

Belly Button in or out: It’s out. Definitely out.

Wedding rings on or off: They’re both off. I did find another ring that I had that fits (it’s too big regularly but now it fits my pregnant fingers) but I kind of gave up on wearing that too because it’s still a little too big so I’m just not worrying about a ring at this point.

Best moment this week: We didn’t spend all weekend away from home so I was able to get some stuff done around our house – like cleaning! I reorganized our kitchen cabinets to make room for bottles and bibs and stuff. I also did a deep clean on our middle floor. I might do another one the week or so before she’s supposed to come but we’ll see because I still have a list a mile long that I want to tackle before she’s here. I also put together her swing and it looks so cute in the living room. It has one bird sound setting and that’s kind of funny to put on and see Buddy’s reaction because he can’t quite figure out where it is coming from. I’m trying to get him used to all these new things little by little so he doesn’t freak out too much when she gets here.

Looking forward to: There’s a huge consignment sale this weekend that I want to go to. I’m not sure we need a whole lot of stuff, but I really want to go so I’m going!


Pregnancy Update: Week 33

 How Far Along: 33 Weeks. 7 weeks to go.

Size of baby:She’s the size of a pineapple! PINEAPPLE! That’s getting big. Measuring about 19-22 inches and weighing in at about 4.9lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m definitely winning the race in the weight gain category!

Maternity Clothes: Yes. I haven’t actually tried to get in to any pre-pregnancy pants with the beband yet this fall so I don’t know if those fit. My Bermuda shorts were still fitting at the end of the summer so maybe my regular pants would, who knows. Either way I have maternity pants so that’s good. I’m a mix on the shirts & it just depends on how long or flowy they are. Though I am getting more and more worried about stretching them out and I don’t want my regular clothes to look funny after baby so I try to really only wear my maternity shirts.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: She’s a mover for sure! I love watching her move around in my belly Sleep: It’s interrupted and uncomfortable.

What I miss: Comfortable sleep; being able to get up with ease; not being sore all the time; seeing my feet; not having to pee every 30 minutes; being able to eat a full meal; eating anything and not getting heartburn… the list goes on…

Cravings: Oreos definitely. I’m still big on the sweets in general and I still love as much fruit as I can get.

Aversions: Nothing

Symptoms: See the “what I miss” question… Also, I’ve been really really sore the last few days – round ligament pain I would guess – but I also attribute that to growth because now I feel bigger. I’m definitely pregnant that is for sure.

Labor Signs: Just some Braxton hicks, but nothing too overwhelming/concerning.

Belly Button in or out: Definitely out.

Wedding rings on or off: Sadly, I’m at the un-wed mother stage haha. But I was able to wear them for much longer than I had anticipated so that was nice.

Best moment this week: My brother came home last week so it was nice to have him home and to be able to spend time with him. Also, Steve turned 30. It’s been really fun telling him how he’s 30 and I’m still (and forever) 29!

Looking forward to: A little bit more of a low-key weekend. We have plans, but not as many!


Over the weekend my favorite guy turned 30.


I can’t even believe we’re old enough to be doing that. But then again, I sometimes can’t believe we think we’re old enough to start making tiny humans. Guess it’s too late to change our minds on that one haha.

But seriously. This guy, I’ve known him since high school – even though we weren’t really friends back then. And we were 21 when we started dating. We had just entered our 20’s and life was full of fun and not full of adult responsibilities. This coming February we’ll celebrate 9 years of being an us and that seems like a really long time, but at the same time our life together is still so young.

I do have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we’re entering a whole new decade. Well, he is… I’ve decided that I’ll just follow in my Mom’s footsteps and stay 29 until my daughter catches on that there is no way that I can STILL be 29m

Either way, he’s 30 and I’ll always be 29.

Happy birthday baby. 
I love you to the moon and back!

Pregnancy Update: Week 32

How Far Along: 32 weeks. EIGHT MONTHS. With only 8 weeks (or 2 months) to go.

Size of baby: She’s the size of a honeydew melon. Measuring at about 19 inches and weighing probably about 4.5pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my last appointment it was 30 pounds. I go to the doctor this week and since I’ve been gaining at a rate of about 2 pounds a week it’ll probably be at 32 pounds. Either way I still look so small according to everyone that sees me so that makes me feel good.

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been wearing mostly maternity pants so I’m not actually sure if my regular pants fit this week. I wore them a lot over the summer to extend my shorts wardrobe but since it’s cooled down and I have enough jeans I haven’t really thought about it. I do still fit in to some regular shirts, but I’m almost afraid I’ll stretch them out so I try not to wear them too much.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: Oh yeah. And both moms were able to feel her this weekend which they have been DYING for so that was good.

Sleep: Eh. I try but it isn’t always good. Or comfortable. But I am sleeping so there’s that I guess.

What I miss: Comfortable sleep, being able to bend down, getting up off the floor with ease (or grace…), not having heartburn after a bowl of cereal, being able to see my feet, and to eat until I’m full not until there isn’t any more room even though I’m still kind of hungry!!

Cravings: Oreos are definitely high on the list of must eat foods. I like Italian too – last week I was craving spaghetti so Steve’s dad made spaghetti sauce just because I asked and we were coming over for dinner that night. It was amazing.

Aversions: Nothing.

Symptoms: See the whole what I miss thing. I’m definitely a pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester!

Labor Signs: No thank you!

Belly Button in or out: It’s been out for a while

Wedding rings on or off: Sadly this weekend marked the end of both rings.

Best moment this week: Baby shower over the weekend. And finding out my brother comes home on Thursday.

Looking forward to: Seeing my brother at home. Finally!

Life is nothing if not interesting

So a few weeks ago I posted a short blog about how I had rescued a random dog from the middle of the street one morning before work. Well that very same weekend we were working in the house and all of a sudden Steve came running downstairs chattering about how our friends were outside with their new dog. We hadn’t seen this dog yet so we were pretty excited. I was a little slower to get down the stairs because I took the time to hook Buddy up on his leash to take him outside to meet the new pup and by the time I got outside Steve was telling me to take Buddy back inside because it was a Pit puppy. Which I knew because that’s what our friends had gotten. It took me a minute to realize that this wasn’t our friends dog and that there was just 2 random dogs on our front lawn.

 What in the world. And seriously why my lawn?

I shoved Buddy back in the house and he was definitely annoyed because I’m pretty sure he thought he was getting to go for a walk but all he got to do was go in to the garage. I felt bad, but we had 2 random dogs on our front lawn and I wasn’t about to put my dog at risk until I assessed the situation.

We checked them for tags but they had none. The Pit puppy had a collar, but no tag and the other dog had nothing. They looked as if they had been on the loose for quite some time so we figured that maybe they had just fallen off somewhere on their travels.

We called the neighbors out to see if they recognized the dogs, which they did but only because they had come around earlier that morning and eventually ran off again. This time we made some calls to our local shelters but there were no reports of missing dogs. We felt too bad to take them to the shelter though so we were kind of stuck with what to do with them. We ended up taking them in to the Vet’s office to check them for chips. And again, no such luck. The Vet suggested that since they were well behaved and one of them had a collar on that they were probably someone’s pet that had been dumped. That made my heart break so hard.

On the way to the Vet. Happy in the car!

Before we left for the Vet we had brought out our dogs (Buddy and the neighbor dogs) and they all seemed to get along with each other. Which made me happy because I was definitely not about to take either dog to the shelter. We could only keep one though so we settled on the smaller dog while our neighbor offered to keep the Pit puppy since it got along with their dog. I had the Vet kind of check out this dog so I knew what we’d be getting in to if we actually did keep it because the last thing we needed (besides another dog…) is a sick dog with a baby on the way! He checked out fine, we got him (and Buddy) a flea collar and some updated vaccines and headed back home.

I named him Lucky. (because he was lucky to have found a new home!)

When we got back home we brought Buddy outside again so they could continue to get acquainted (and also because we were giving this new dog a flea bath before we brought him inside.) Since they continued to do well we figured that we would at least give it a shot. Well, apparently Buddy is all about having a playmate OUTSIDE but not actually inside his house. Spoiled rotten that dog. And definitely trying to assert his dominance. Which is fine, because it is Buddy’s house and he should be the dominant dog which Lucky understood perfectly well. But Buddy wanted to make EXTRA sure that Lucky knew his place and things got not so good. Because after several hours of Buddy being super obnoxious Lucky kind of lost his patience. I mean, he’d been through a lot and now he was in a strange place, with strange people, and a dog that would not leave him alone. I’d be annoyed too. So we think maybe Buddy gets the hint that Lucky knows Buddy is in charge and needs no more reminding.

No such luck. Apparently my dog is extra hard headed. That night wasn’t any better either. We had Lucky in a crate downstairs and Buddy in our room but all Buddy did was cry at the door because he wanted to get to Lucky and all Lucky did was cry in the crate because he was sad and alone. Steve eventually went to the living room with Lucky while I stayed with Buddy but none of us really got any sleep.

We were hoping that Sunday brought a different Buddy. We were not correct. Another tiff in the kitchen and we decided that as much as we (well, I…) wanted to keep Lucky it wasn’t fair to Buddy and we did not need 2 dogs fighting with a baby coming. So we started to reach out to our friends to see if anyone could take Lucky. I was extremely broken hearted…. Because he was so attached to me and also because I’m pregnant and hormonal. So I cried. A lot. Poor Steve haha.

We ended up taking Buddy to our parents until we could find Lucky a new home because it really was too much and Buddy was really excited to be around his actual friends (my in-laws dogs… them he likes, this dog not so much. Go figure.)

We had some people show interest in Lucky, but no one could take him. Or really they weren’t getting back to us about taking him. We were definitely hoping this wouldn’t take forever because that wasn’t really fair to Buddy since he was displaced from his house and I knew I would just keep getting more and more attached to this dog I could not keep.

Monday our neighbor (who had decided they couldn’t keep the Pit either) decided to call the shelter one more time in hopes that maybe someone had called over the weekend… we also were trying to figure out what we should (or could) do with these dogs. And very happily someone HAD been looking for these dogs. I don’t know what happened when we called on Saturday and why no one saw this report that this lady said she had seen since early the week before but either way we found their home! I was super sad knowing Lucky would be leaving that evening, but I was really happy that he would be going home! I’m glad they showed up on our lawn that day because who knows how long they had been out or how long they might have stayed out if they didn’t find someone to take them in and find their home. It definitely makes me feel good that we were able to find their owners because those dogs were SO excited to see their owners. At least we know they’re definitely loved!

Pregnancy Update: Week 31

 How Far Along: 31 weeks! That means there’s 9 left. SINGLE DIGIT WEEKS LEFT!!! How is that possible?!

Size of baby: This week we’re still the size of a head of lettuce…just a bigger head of lettuce. Weighing in at 3.9lbs and measuring at about 19inches.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve basically put on about a pound a week. But I don’t actually look like I’ve put on that much weight. I’ll take it because as long as I still look cute and the doctor says I’m growing perfectly then I’m fine with whatever I put on (she says hopeful that it comes off as easy as the oreo’s helped it go on hah!)

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. Some of my regular pants still fit with the BeBand so I wear them, but I do generally stick to my maternity pants only because I have them and why not wear them?! I have a bunch of shirts that still fit but I’m starting to wear less of the ones I really, really like so they don’t get all stretched out.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: She is a mover that is for sure! It’s freaky but very cool to see my stomach “dance” when she does

Sleep: It’s hit or miss. I always sleep every night, but I don’t always sleep well (comfortably) but at least I’m getting sleep. I can nap like a champ though.

What I miss: Comfortable sleep and waking up without my hips aching! And being able to get up off the floor without needing help or getting on to all 4’s and getting up from there. Funny story – I was at the vet’s office and for some very stupid reason I sat on the floor… well, I didn’t want to have to ask for help back up so I didn’t. But then I got like half way up and fell back down. I didn’t have to ask for help after that, but I think I almost peed myself from laughing so hard.

Cravings: I didn’t think I had any real cravings beyond fruit and anything sweet, but over the weekend when I asked Steve to grab me some Oreo’s and he said “you couldn’t live without these huh?” it hit me that I really could not live without them because I eat them every day. I even bought a package of mint Oreo’s at the store and woke up from my nap because I wanted them so badly. So Oreo’s. I crave Oreo’s.

Aversions: Nothing really. I’m doing pretty well on that front. Symptoms: Heartburn, feeling uncomfortable all the time, having to pee like it is my job, I’ve got the waddle down, Braxton hicks contractions, big ol’ belly!

Labor Signs: Nope!

Belly Button in or out: Out. All the way out.

Wedding rings on or off: Band is on, engagement ring has been off for a while.

Best moment this week: Getting her furniture built and getting started on the nursery. It already looks so cute!

Looking forward to: This weekend is my baby shower so definitely that!!