Life is nothing if not interesting

So a few weeks ago I posted a short blog about how I had rescued a random dog from the middle of the street one morning before work. Well that very same weekend we were working in the house and all of a sudden Steve came running downstairs chattering about how our friends were outside with their new dog. We hadn’t seen this dog yet so we were pretty excited. I was a little slower to get down the stairs because I took the time to hook Buddy up on his leash to take him outside to meet the new pup and by the time I got outside Steve was telling me to take Buddy back inside because it was a Pit puppy. Which I knew because that’s what our friends had gotten. It took me a minute to realize that this wasn’t our friends dog and that there was just 2 random dogs on our front lawn.

 What in the world. And seriously why my lawn?

I shoved Buddy back in the house and he was definitely annoyed because I’m pretty sure he thought he was getting to go for a walk but all he got to do was go in to the garage. I felt bad, but we had 2 random dogs on our front lawn and I wasn’t about to put my dog at risk until I assessed the situation.

We checked them for tags but they had none. The Pit puppy had a collar, but no tag and the other dog had nothing. They looked as if they had been on the loose for quite some time so we figured that maybe they had just fallen off somewhere on their travels.

We called the neighbors out to see if they recognized the dogs, which they did but only because they had come around earlier that morning and eventually ran off again. This time we made some calls to our local shelters but there were no reports of missing dogs. We felt too bad to take them to the shelter though so we were kind of stuck with what to do with them. We ended up taking them in to the Vet’s office to check them for chips. And again, no such luck. The Vet suggested that since they were well behaved and one of them had a collar on that they were probably someone’s pet that had been dumped. That made my heart break so hard.

On the way to the Vet. Happy in the car!

Before we left for the Vet we had brought out our dogs (Buddy and the neighbor dogs) and they all seemed to get along with each other. Which made me happy because I was definitely not about to take either dog to the shelter. We could only keep one though so we settled on the smaller dog while our neighbor offered to keep the Pit puppy since it got along with their dog. I had the Vet kind of check out this dog so I knew what we’d be getting in to if we actually did keep it because the last thing we needed (besides another dog…) is a sick dog with a baby on the way! He checked out fine, we got him (and Buddy) a flea collar and some updated vaccines and headed back home.

I named him Lucky. (because he was lucky to have found a new home!)

When we got back home we brought Buddy outside again so they could continue to get acquainted (and also because we were giving this new dog a flea bath before we brought him inside.) Since they continued to do well we figured that we would at least give it a shot. Well, apparently Buddy is all about having a playmate OUTSIDE but not actually inside his house. Spoiled rotten that dog. And definitely trying to assert his dominance. Which is fine, because it is Buddy’s house and he should be the dominant dog which Lucky understood perfectly well. But Buddy wanted to make EXTRA sure that Lucky knew his place and things got not so good. Because after several hours of Buddy being super obnoxious Lucky kind of lost his patience. I mean, he’d been through a lot and now he was in a strange place, with strange people, and a dog that would not leave him alone. I’d be annoyed too. So we think maybe Buddy gets the hint that Lucky knows Buddy is in charge and needs no more reminding.

No such luck. Apparently my dog is extra hard headed. That night wasn’t any better either. We had Lucky in a crate downstairs and Buddy in our room but all Buddy did was cry at the door because he wanted to get to Lucky and all Lucky did was cry in the crate because he was sad and alone. Steve eventually went to the living room with Lucky while I stayed with Buddy but none of us really got any sleep.

We were hoping that Sunday brought a different Buddy. We were not correct. Another tiff in the kitchen and we decided that as much as we (well, I…) wanted to keep Lucky it wasn’t fair to Buddy and we did not need 2 dogs fighting with a baby coming. So we started to reach out to our friends to see if anyone could take Lucky. I was extremely broken hearted…. Because he was so attached to me and also because I’m pregnant and hormonal. So I cried. A lot. Poor Steve haha.

We ended up taking Buddy to our parents until we could find Lucky a new home because it really was too much and Buddy was really excited to be around his actual friends (my in-laws dogs… them he likes, this dog not so much. Go figure.)

We had some people show interest in Lucky, but no one could take him. Or really they weren’t getting back to us about taking him. We were definitely hoping this wouldn’t take forever because that wasn’t really fair to Buddy since he was displaced from his house and I knew I would just keep getting more and more attached to this dog I could not keep.

Monday our neighbor (who had decided they couldn’t keep the Pit either) decided to call the shelter one more time in hopes that maybe someone had called over the weekend… we also were trying to figure out what we should (or could) do with these dogs. And very happily someone HAD been looking for these dogs. I don’t know what happened when we called on Saturday and why no one saw this report that this lady said she had seen since early the week before but either way we found their home! I was super sad knowing Lucky would be leaving that evening, but I was really happy that he would be going home! I’m glad they showed up on our lawn that day because who knows how long they had been out or how long they might have stayed out if they didn’t find someone to take them in and find their home. It definitely makes me feel good that we were able to find their owners because those dogs were SO excited to see their owners. At least we know they’re definitely loved!


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