Over the weekend my favorite guy turned 30.


I can’t even believe we’re old enough to be doing that. But then again, I sometimes can’t believe we think we’re old enough to start making tiny humans. Guess it’s too late to change our minds on that one haha.

But seriously. This guy, I’ve known him since high school – even though we weren’t really friends back then. And we were 21 when we started dating. We had just entered our 20’s and life was full of fun and not full of adult responsibilities. This coming February we’ll celebrate 9 years of being an us and that seems like a really long time, but at the same time our life together is still so young.

I do have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we’re entering a whole new decade. Well, he is… I’ve decided that I’ll just follow in my Mom’s footsteps and stay 29 until my daughter catches on that there is no way that I can STILL be 29m

Either way, he’s 30 and I’ll always be 29.

Happy birthday baby. 
I love you to the moon and back!


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