Welcome to the world

Sydney Grace

Born 10:35pm on November 8th 2012.
Weight – 7 pounds 2 ounces
Length – 20 inches

Happy and healthy! And very, very loved.

So I got behind

Yeah….so apparently having a baby takes up just a bit of time. Who knew?! Haha. I knew I would be busy so I was setting up posts but I didn’t set up enough. I’ve had time, but we’ve had a flow of people here that I haven’t wanted to be on the computer while we’ve had our company. I’ll probably have a lot more to write about now that my beautiful bundle of joy has arrived, but who knows if I’ll have time! I’m still going to try to complete this NaBloPoMo even though I missed most of this week.

Veterans Day

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month…. 
I think it is important to be grateful and thankful to all of the Men and Women that have, do, or will serve in our Armed Forces fighting for our freedoms every day of the year. 
Veterans day is the anniversary of the day the Armistice was signed ending World War I.
Both of my Grandfathers fought for our country and several of my friends have or are currently serving in one branch of our military or another. And for all of them, I am extremely grateful. I am thankful that I am granted the freedoms of living in one of the greatest countries in the world because they made the decision to put their lives on the line for those freedoms and this country.
Freedom isn’t free and we owe all of our freedom to the Men and Women that truly allow us to have those freedoms. So thank you. To each and every one of you. For signing a blank check, made payable to the United States of America, for a value up to, and potentially including, your life. Thank you.

Dream job

When I was little I wanted to be a lot of things. Teacher, doctor, lawyer…. never did I want to be a Proposal Manager. Which is what I currently am. I enjoy my job – to a degree. It definitely isn’t my dream job, and it’s definitely stressful, and it comes with long hours sometimes, but as much as it isn’t my dream job it is an interesting job and I do enjoy what I do.

And lately I’ve been asking myself what do I really want to do. For now, since I can’t decide I’m obviously not going to just up and quit my job and do nothing because that would be completely irresponsible especially with a brand new baby in my life. And maybe I’ll continue to do this until I no longer have to work. I’m not really sure what the future holds, but I do know that I want to do something that makes me happy and that gives me a nice quality of life. And by quality of life I mean a life I am able to enjoy. 
But if I could just change jobs right now with all the appropriate qualifications I think I would be a teacher. I used to think English teacher which is why I graduated with a degree in English, but lately I’ve been thinking Kindergarten teacher. I don’t know why exactly, but that’s where my mind wanders when I think about what I really want to do “one day.” 
And then some days I think it would be amazing to do something that involves writing. Not like “famous blogger” or anything and not anything full time really, but something that involves writing in some way. Which, funny enough, is part of the job I have now but I mean more exciting writing because what I write about now isn’t always that exciting haha. 
So there you have it. I’d be a teacher and do some writing on the side. It’s nice to dream sometimes and maybe one day my dream will come true… but for now, I’ll be happy with what I have because it has been good to me.
If you could do any job what would it be?


If you could change one thing about your life right now what would it be?

Well, if I’m still pregnant then that would be a big one – I’d have an outside baby. And honestly, if she’s anything like her stubborn parents then I probably am still pregnant (obviously I’m blogging ahead of time just in case I’m in the hospital or in that newborn haze).

Pregnancy aside, I would probably change our financial state. We’re not living above our means or anything but we’re not flush with a bunch of cash either. It’s not that I want to live above our means and we are certainly thankful that the income we have is enough to pay our bills and put food on our table, but it would be nice to have just a little more “fun money.” Because who doesn’t want to have more fun?!

Another thing I would change is the location of my friends. I have been a member of this online community since the days of planning our weddings (we’re all April 2008 brides) and we’ve stayed connected through wedding planning, newlywed days, good times, bad times, babies, and more babies. They are a complete constant in my life and I don’t know what I would do without them. The only downside? Is that we’re literally all over the United States and that sucks. I wish we were all physically closer to each other because that would just be awesome.

So, what would you change if you could change anything?

Baby Shower

I realized I never wrote about my shower and I guess now is as good a time as any.

My mom offered almost as soon as I got pregnant to throw me a shower and she was so excited about it. She did a wonderful job with the shower and it was a wonderful day. Sydney and I were definitely showered with love and I think I opened gifts for nearly 2 hours.

My parents got me some really special gifts – aside from all of her nursery furniture. My mom kept “baby boxes” for both my brother and I when we were growing up and she saved all kinds of special things for us in them. She kept baby books for us, but it’s also nice to have my box full of memories too. For my shower my mom gave me (and Sydney) the cutest box that she wrote an great little note in for me to use as Sydney’s baby box. I can’t wait to fill it up with all her special memories and one day share them with her.

My dad is pretty handy with a sewing machine and he made Sydney her baby blanket. It is the cutest thing ever and I just know it will be so special to her.

We had family come in from out of town and it was really great to see them as well as our other friends and family that were able to spend the day celebrating Sydney’s life.

The Andersen girls. Mom, Judi, Me, Tracey. And soon to be Miss Sydney.

 The Byars side. Sue, Me, and Mary. My Dad’s sisters.

These are basically my sisters – Katie and Laura. We’ve been friends since we were babies and they both were there to stand beside me on my wedding day. I couldn’t imagine my life without them and I’m so glad Sydney will know them as her “Aunts”

Pregnancy update: Week 40

How Far Along: 40 weeks. I’ve made it the whole way and I’m feeling like this little girl is going to make them force her out.

Size of baby: Size of a watermelon – between 19 and 22 inches and between 6 and 9 pounds. And I certainly hope she’s closer to the 6 pound mark instead of that 9 pound mark haha.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At the doctor last week I weighed in at 155 which is a 40 pound weight gain (I lost 2 pounds so I’m going with this as my final weight)

Maternity Clothes: Right now it’s more like sweats and t-shirts because I’m home waiting for baby to come, but when I do go out I am in maternity clothes – well, pants anyway because it’s too cold to wear my short sleeved maternity shirts and I don’t have any long sleeved ones.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: She is definitely in there having a party! I will miss this the most; actually it’s the only thing I’ll miss about being pregnant.

Sleep: I am trying to get as much as I can but it’s uncomfortable so it isn’t always the best but I am getting what I can get.

What I miss: I miss seeing my feet. I miss being able to get up off the couch or out of bed without assistance. I miss not feeling like I might pee myself all the time. I miss not having heartburn. I miss being comfortable. I miss not being pregnant.

Cravings: Right now I’m too busy stuffing my face with spicy food and pineapple and anything else that “they” say can bring on labor.

Aversions: Nothing

Symptoms: I can’t see my feet but I know they’re swollen. I’m extremely uncomfortable. I have this carpal tunnel in my right hand that makes the tips of 3 of my fingers kind of numb, but not all the way numb. I get a little restless leg syndrome which is not fun. I still get heartburn, but that’s probably on account of all that spicy food I’ve been eating.

Labor Signs: Not a one. Walking, stairs, bouncing on an exercise ball, spicy food, pineapple…none of those old wives tales have worked for me.

Belly Button in or out: It’s out and it has been. It also looks kind of funny according to Steve.

Wedding rings on or off: Off and I miss wearing them.

Best moment this week: Well, over the weekend we did so much walking around the mall that I did a little shopping for me so that was nice.

Looking forward to: Meeting my daughter. She’s had plenty of time inside and now it’s time for her to be an outside baby.