We’re the good kind of hoarders

The kind that really only keeps sentimental things. Even though to a(n actual) hoarder everything is sentimental. I don’t really like the clutter so I really only keep things that mean something to me AND that I have space for. If I want to keep something that I don’t quite have the room for I start to purge. Like this baby. I want to keep her a lot so I’ve been purging the crap out of our house. But also, I’ve been digging through some things at my parents house. Because my mom? She’s the most awesome kind of hoarder. The one that keeps things in secret.


I never actually imagined that my girl would wear clothing I wore as a baby because I was a baby about 30 years ago (I said about. I’m not admitting anything here). We were at my parents house one day and I can’t remember why but we were in the basement. I think they were getting ready for a huge yard sale and she was wanting me to go through some things and take what I wanted because she was selling the rest. After all that I asked if she had my baby box and she, of course, did. While we were digging that out I noticed another box… labeled “Carrie’s baby clothes.”

I got overly excited about that. And we lugged both boxes upstairs. Well, she did the lugging because even though they weren’t heavy she wouldn’t let me carry them. I tried but when Mom yells you listen.

It was so much fun to go through these boxes. Some of the outfits I remembered from pictures I’d seen and since I’m a November baby and she’s going to be a November baby they are most likely seasonally correct so she’ll be able to wear a lot of them.

We pulled out clothing from these boxes piece by piece and “oooh’d” and “ahhh’d” over them for a good long while. Steve was super excited about this part because he really, really loves it when I have to show off things to him and I make him look at each and every thing I’m showing him.

Occasionally, if a memory would strike her, my Mom would talk about a particular outfit. Like a couple that she crochet for me… one hat that apparently never fit my head as a baby. And probably won’t fit her head…until she’s my current age. Because that’s when this hat fits me. I don’t know how big she thought I was going to be, but apparently she was thinking huge.

Some of the clothes were a little more stained than my Mom remembers them being, but a lot of them were in really good condition and she had a pretty good wardrobe going just from those boxes alone.

She even had stuff that I actually remembered wearing which gives you an idea of how long she made a habit of keeping my clothes for.

It’s really exciting to think that one Christmas my girl will wear the same little dress that I wore for Christmas. And probably be just as cute as I was!

This was a really special day for me. It was really nice to connect with my Mom on a different level – as a soon to be Mom myself I find that I appreciate her and connect with her in a way I never knew was possible. I think next we’ll go through my old baby pictures to see if we can find any pictures of me in some of these outfits so there can be a neat little comparison of me and Sydney.


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