Pregnancy update: Week 40

How Far Along: 40 weeks. I’ve made it the whole way and I’m feeling like this little girl is going to make them force her out.

Size of baby: Size of a watermelon – between 19 and 22 inches and between 6 and 9 pounds. And I certainly hope she’s closer to the 6 pound mark instead of that 9 pound mark haha.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At the doctor last week I weighed in at 155 which is a 40 pound weight gain (I lost 2 pounds so I’m going with this as my final weight)

Maternity Clothes: Right now it’s more like sweats and t-shirts because I’m home waiting for baby to come, but when I do go out I am in maternity clothes – well, pants anyway because it’s too cold to wear my short sleeved maternity shirts and I don’t have any long sleeved ones.

Gender: BABY GIRL!!

Movement: She is definitely in there having a party! I will miss this the most; actually it’s the only thing I’ll miss about being pregnant.

Sleep: I am trying to get as much as I can but it’s uncomfortable so it isn’t always the best but I am getting what I can get.

What I miss: I miss seeing my feet. I miss being able to get up off the couch or out of bed without assistance. I miss not feeling like I might pee myself all the time. I miss not having heartburn. I miss being comfortable. I miss not being pregnant.

Cravings: Right now I’m too busy stuffing my face with spicy food and pineapple and anything else that “they” say can bring on labor.

Aversions: Nothing

Symptoms: I can’t see my feet but I know they’re swollen. I’m extremely uncomfortable. I have this carpal tunnel in my right hand that makes the tips of 3 of my fingers kind of numb, but not all the way numb. I get a little restless leg syndrome which is not fun. I still get heartburn, but that’s probably on account of all that spicy food I’ve been eating.

Labor Signs: Not a one. Walking, stairs, bouncing on an exercise ball, spicy food, pineapple…none of those old wives tales have worked for me.

Belly Button in or out: It’s out and it has been. It also looks kind of funny according to Steve.

Wedding rings on or off: Off and I miss wearing them.

Best moment this week: Well, over the weekend we did so much walking around the mall that I did a little shopping for me so that was nice.

Looking forward to: Meeting my daughter. She’s had plenty of time inside and now it’s time for her to be an outside baby.


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