My girl

This is my girl. My sweet Sydney Grace.

Chatting it up on the phone.

Chatting it up on the phone.

Aside from her father, she is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so glad she is mine even if she is SO VERY MUCH me. We are going to have an interesting life together that is for sure.

We're basically twins.

We’re basically twins.

We tried for some time to get pregnant with her. I don’t think we had any real struggles except for probably “poor timing” even though we were trying to have “perfect timing.” When we found out she was coming we were over the moon. I was scared at the same time… because what if. But things went smoothly (as you can read, if you want, in those old pregnancy post I brought with me). My pregnancy wasn’t like the most fun thing ever but it wasn’t the worst. When I was pregnant I did not believe that I was going to be one of those women that missed it. But here I am… missing it. One day, but not today, I hope to be pregnant again. Except maybe this time it will be a little less annoying.

Sydney was born in November 2012 after a delightful day of labor (labor began around midnight and she was born at 10:35pm). I labored – with an epidural because I am not crazy – for the entire day; pushed for an hour and a half with no success; and then she was born via c-section that night. I don’t regret any single part of my labor or her birth. I did not have a birth plan except for her to be evacuated from my body when she was good and ready. I’ll throw this out there that I think the only birth plan that is right is the one that is right for you. Compare if you want, but do what you feel is right. I did and it was great. For me. Maybe not for you and that’s fine with me. I think we can still be friends.

Daddy and Daughter.

Daddy and Daughter.

Her first year was equal parts amazing and super, duper hard. I loved and hated equal parts of it all. She didn’t sleep well, until she did. She didn’t breastfeed so we formula fed. Which was expensive and I was cheering all kinds of cheers when we introduced milk! She started food at 4 months (rice cereal) and we introduced pureed (store bought, no time for homemade) food after about a month of rice cereal. She rolled over, sat up, crawled, pulled up, and then walked. All on her own time and maybe I’ll do some sort of flash back posts over time to journal her first year.

April 2014. 17 months.

April 2014. 17 months.

I think I’m loving her second year much more than the first. She hugs and kisses. She runs (walking is for suckers, btw). She holds our hands (and then takes us to whatever it is she wants us to give her). She plays. She laughs. She cries (tantrums, ya’ll. Tantrums). She loves us and we love her right back. She talks some but because she doesn’t go to daycare (thank Heavens for grandparents) we’re pretty sure she doesn’t talk more because she doesn’t actually have to so we’re really trying to enforce her asking. She says please and then expects to get whatever she said please for. Obviously. Toddlers. They are fun.

And here we are, at 19 months, taking this whole parenting thing one day at a time. Embracing the good and the bad. The happy and the sad. We’re doing it our way and that’s working out pretty great for us.


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