My man

This is Steven. He’s my love.

April 2014.

April 2014.

We’ve been together for 10 years this year (married for 6). Which… just wow. We’ve had some ups and downs (because if someone tells you they haven’t they are lying big fat lies). I can’t say I’ve honestly enjoyed every second of it, and maybe there are some things I would change, but overall he’s the one my heart wants and I’m so glad I’m the one his heart wants.

His second love (behind his family, at least I hope it’s behind us!!) is baseball.


The baseball field. His happy place.

The baseball field. His happy place.

He coaches; he watches; he’ll play if he gets the chance. Spring and summer we live and breathe baseball around here. And then in the fall too, because duh. Oh and winter? Lessons and winter workouts. Look at that. He manages to get baseball in all year… how clever of him.

He’s passionate though. I have to give him that. He’s trying very hard to make a career out of it (not by playing… he had to give that up many moons ago though I’m sure if someone gave him the opportunity he’d still try to make that happen).

When he’s not doing something baseball related he’s so very much in to this girl.

She stole his heart.

She stole his heart.

And then maybe a little less in to this girl now that some other girl stole her thunder. (I’m cool with it. I wouldn’t have it any other way)

Our wedding day.

Our wedding day.

He loves us and he doesn’t let us forget it.

And we are so very lucky to be able to love him back.


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