Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Even I’m mad at me for saying that. Because Monday after long weekend is always like a slow death.

Anyway… We had a nice relaxing weekend celebrating America. Steve was out of town but I have wonderful friends that don’t mind me and the munchkin tagging along.



Our town has a Rockin’ 4th of July Eve celebration downtown on the walking mall. We went to that with our neighbors Thursday night. It rained a little so we got a bit wet when we first got there but we decided to grab a bite to eat to wait out the rain. We had some yummy pizza and a good glass of wine before we went back out and made our way to the fireworks.

4th of July celebration.

4th of July celebration.

(I do not enjoy my rain hair, but Sydney looks adorable so there’s that.)

This was the first year Sydney saw fireworks. She was just barely 8 months old last year and we figured she wouldn’t enjoy it which meant we wouldn’t enjoy it. I was a little unsure of how I thought she would handle them this year but she did really well.

The awe of fireworks.

The awe of fireworks.

It seemed like she loved watching the colors in the sky and the loud boom’s didn’t seem to bother her much. Almost every time there was a loud boom she’d point towards the fireworks and say “boom!” It was pretty adorable. I hardly watched any of the actual fireworks because I was too busy watching her face. It was really awesome to get to experience that with her.

You look like the 4th of July!

You look like the 4th of July!

Friday, on the actual 4th, we hung out at the winery we belong to. They were having an afternoon celebration with a musician playing so we went for a little bit to enjoy the beautiful day!! Sydney loves being outside so she really likes hanging out at there.


My girl.

Saturday my parents came over for the day. It was supposed to be lunch with my mom but my dad decided he’d come along and do some work in our basement. He got SO MUCH accomplished. I was impressed…it’s been a LONG project but we’re getting there.

Reading with Mama.

Reading with Mama.

Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing. It was glorious and a great way to end a really nice weekend.

I hope you guys had just as great of a weekend. Until next time.



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