The pup

This is Buddy.



Buddy is almost 10 and his age is starting to show. I choose not to think about that even though sometimes it’s hard to ignore.

Steve got Buddy for me as a Christmas present one year. I was still in college so it was probably not the smartest gift that year but I’m so glad this little guy is in our lives.

He’s been sick some – his thyroid hates him apparently and doesn’t care to work right. It took us a LONG time to figure that out because it presented (to us) like a food allergy (mild skin irritation) so we treated that for a while and it got WAY worse before it got better. But it did get better, thankfully. He’s on meds now which seems to be keeping it under control.

He’s definitely not the spunky puppy he used to be, but we still love our old guy.

Speaking of love? This girl loves her Buba so very much.


When Buddy still loved Sydney.

When Buddy still loved Sydney.

He… tolerates her. We’re working on it. But apparently he does not care to be chased with her toys (duh) or have them thrown in his face (also duh). She does not quite understand that, but we’re hoping she gets over that. Quickly. And soon. He does ok for the most part, but there are days that are worse than others and you can tell that on those days he is wishing for his life before she could move (because he loved her and was pretty much always near her until she started moving and then attacking him).

My boy.

My boy.

He is the recipient of a ton of love though and I know he appreciates that. Except for when I show my love by doing things like bathing him or cleaning his ears. He does not appreciate that. But I don’t appreciate when he smells so he loses.

He’s my boy and I’m so glad.


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