The great purge. Part 1.

I’m kind of embarrassed to put this on the internet. Because I have a serious problem with keeping pretty much everything. I have this weird emotional attachment to stuff that I should not. Like scraps of paper that I wrote a drunken note on at that wine festival that one time that I’m totally going to eventually one day put in a scrapbook. Never. Because I can’t find it a midst all my other random things that don’t mean anything. Which means I don’t do much with the stuff that does actually mean something.

Let me start by saying I am super clean. I clean my house on a weekly basis. My living spaces are all actually pretty neat and orderly.

But there’s this one room. It’s like my room of shame.

Because it is full of all my crap.

My “office”

because really… who can work in a space like this?

Office. Before.

Office. Before.

And this is relatively clean – not for the picture it just happened that way. We moved Steve’s desk down to the basement and that freed up a lot of space so it actually looks a lot cleaner than it really is.

As a rundown of what you can barely see here… my chair houses my papers that need to be filed. But cannot. Why? Oh my file cabinet needs to be thinned out because it’s way too full.

My desk has a computer under there somewhere. I believe there are some pictures (loose, not in frames). Some trinkets of random sorts. There’s a bookshelf which is 2 baskets full of crap (one of those baskets has floppy disk in it. BECAUSE DUH.)

In the way back corner is my file cabinet / shelf combo thing. We discussed how the file cabinet is too full… and the shelf. Also crammed full of stuff.

And you can’t see it either but there is ANOTHER bookshelf. With actual books related to the work I do. (there are THREE copies of these things. THREE. Why. WHY?!)… but that’s just one of the shelves, the other is full of… wait for it… EMPTY NOTEBOOKS. For writing of course. But they’re so cute that I cannot possibly spoil them by writing in them. Nope. So then there are less cute, regular notebooks that cost next to nothing that I do fill with ideas… and place on this shelf. To die? I don’t know. There’s an idea in one of those things that’s worth something… I may never find it but it’s probably there.

Because I am crazy.

There is a closet in this room. We’ll talk about that in a later post.

Steve has been travelling a lot this summer which has left me with a lot of time to do stuff around our house at night after the toddler is asleep (bedtime is at 8. so yeah.. that’s like 2 whole hours before my 10pm old lady bed time)

My goal this summer is to make this room not look like this. It’s a slow process. I’ve been working on it (and the closet) for weeks. It’s really quite sad. It should NOT take me this much time to do this. SHOULD NOT.

Basically… the great purge will chronicle my journey to not be a hoarder.

Also, if you’re in the process of purging your crap let me know. I’d love to see what your work process is to get some tips on how to let it goooooooo!!!!

(you’re welcome, I know that song is in your head now)


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