Friday Favorites

Just a couple things I’m loving on this week.

Are you becoming your mother? I totally am.

Toulouse and Tonic gives you 21 ways to tell if you’re becoming your mother.
You should read them. They’re quite funny… and maybe a little too on point!

I am in love with this bracelet

I confess to spending way too  much time browsing this website and being able to fully decide on nothing because there is too much I want. My wish list grows longer and longer each day. #toomanywantsnotenoughdollas


I would really like this wine rack. I have a really cool old wooden bar and this would look really awesome over it. And then it would free up some space on the bar so we could actually use it haha.


I’m kind of in to these Jamberry nails lately. I tried a sample a few weeks ago and it held up really well against the polish I paired it with. I spend most of my day on a computer and the rest chasing a toddler so I was pretty impressed that after a week it looked like I had a fresh manicure on my “jammed” fingers. My friend sells these if you’re interested Barker Jams. If you’ve never heard of them (I hadn’t until recently) check them out. They have a LOT of styles and there’s probably one for you. (no pressure and she probably doesn’t even read this very new blog so I’m almost positive she has no idea that I’m doing this which means I’m getting nothing for promoting her but she rocks and these do too so I just am.)

Jamberry nails.

Jamberry nails.


And just another random thing to read.

Strange things kids do.

Why do they do this stuff anyway? Sydney doesn’t quite do them all (thanks to her age but I’m sure they’ll come) but for instance she will get REALLY excited when she sees any dog. ANY DOG. (we have one, my in-laws have 4, my sisters in law have 1 ….she likes dogs.) So our kind neighbors walking past the house with their dogs will come over to her if she wants (they always ask me, I usually say yes because she does seem like she wants this to happen even though I know)… and as soon as they get near her with their dog? NO THANK YOU. Not on your life buddy. So then we chat (awesome, I love chatting with strangers) about how she really does like dogs and I’m not some jerk that just made you walk across the street for nothing and they walk away. And what happens? She cries because the dog left. Toddlers are crazy. This article highlights 13 of the wonderful things that kids love to do that adults have no idea why.

Until next week my friends. Enjoy your Friday!


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