Dear Mattress.

Dear mattress?


Yeah. You read that right.

Dear mattress.

Today, I’m writing to you to let you know how much I love you. You are probably one of the best things ever. Money way well spent.

Why? Why is my mattress so amazing? Because my mattress is like the king of mattresses. It’s a Sleep Number Bed.

Best mattress in the history of the world.

Best mattress in the history of the world.

This thing is seriously amazing.

When we first moved in together Steve and I used his old bed and furniture because, well, it was nicer than mine. And bigger. So duh. His mattress was great and all…but he’d been sleeping by himself and had created a lovely dent in the middle of the bed that was slightly Steve shaped. It worked for a while, but over time we both began getting horrible nights sleep. Him mostly because of the crappy mattress and me because he would toss and turn and it felt like he was straight up bouncing on the bed. He might have been, I was normally asleep until the bouncing began, and then I was only awake for like a second because I’m a rock at night so it’s pretty hard to wake me up unless you’ve come out of my body apparently. (seriously…he has had asthma attacks in bed that I’ve slept through but Sydney so much as stirs and I hear her. It’s bizarre.)

When we finally had enough of crappy mattress and crappy sleep and we were looking at beds he wanted a sleep number right away… I was all “OH MY GOODNESS THOSE ARE EXPENSIVE” and then I looked at the prices of other “good” mattresses and I was all “huh. is that what mattresses cost?” My mother in law was all “duh. welcome to adulthood. buy good things and you won’t have to spend twice as much replacing the crappy things you bought because they were cheap.”

Anyway, back to you my wonderful mattress. Thank you for being so amazing. SO AMAZING. I love that when my back hurts I can crank that sucker up to 80 and it is so wonderfully firm that it makes for great sleep. And I love that when I’m sick or really tired I can turn it all the way down to 25 and feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.

You made me comfortable when I was pregnant and nothing else would. You have given me incredibly sound nights sleep when I had a tiny newborn that didn’t really enjoy sleeping in those first few weeks. You then gave me wonderful nights sleep when that same tiny newborn decided she would finally enjoy sleep which meant that I could finally enjoy sleep again. You’re always there for a great nap or when Steve is out of town and I get to go to bed super early and get a whole heck of a lot of hours of sleep.

I love you my wonderful mattress. I really do love you.

So basically if you’re in the market for a great bed then do yourself a really big favor and get a Sleep Number. You will not regret it.

You are welcome.

And that, my friends, is my love letter to an inanimate object for the Blog Everyday in July link-up. So I’m not some crazy person just writing a random letter to her mattress I’m doing it because these lovely ladies made me. 


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