The great purge. Part 2.

Why hello there. I’m glad to see I didn’t scare you away with my crazy town hoarder post last week. If you have’t ready Part 1 you should start there.

This week I’m talking about my “closet of shame”

My office is looking better so I moved on to my closet and now my office looks like crap again thanks to that stupid closet throwing up all over my office.

One step at a time has never been my finest thing I suppose…

Anyway… my closet. (seriously. I know I have a problem)

Closet of shame.

Closet of shame.

Oh look… that’s just SOME of the closet. Turns out closets are hard to photograph. Want to see the rest?

Hoarding. It's a serious problem.

Hoarding. It’s a serious problem.

I call it the closet of shame for a reason.

For one I don’t actually have anywhere to store this stuff. I really do a lot of scrapbooks and they’re ALL in this closet because I don’t know where else to put them (we don’t have a lot of shelves or anything in our house… maybe that is the problem). And with scrapbooking comes scrapbooking supplies. There aren’t really that many so I can’t blame this entire closet on stuff I actually use. Because then there are things that… oh I so do not.

It’s difficult to tell but I actually put a shelf organizer in this closet to give me more space to cram stuff in. It’s full of picture frames I don’t use. They’re empty (well, some are not but again no shelves in house means no where to place these frames… I want to do something with them but not sure what).

The floor of the closet is just shameful. I don’t even know what it is made up of at this point. I see a frame and a bag that I guarantee is housing more stuff and that white thing is the “SOLD” sign from when we built our house and it was in the window. We obviously need that.

The top actual closet shelf has some of our wedding momentos – like our toasting flutes, the cake cutting set, a really nice snow globe engraved with our wedding date. We used to have this china cabinet/hutch thing in our kitchen that we displayed that stuff in but we got rid of that set and I did not replace that piece of furniture with anything so… in the closet for safe keeping. I also have some things of Steve’s up there so it’s not like this is just my crap, but in all fairness this room really is MY problem.

Anyway… this is a work in progress. It actually looks much better (but still has a ways to go). Come back next week to see what I’ve accomplished!


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