Five Favorites.

Five favorites? I can’t even. I love a lot of things but I guess five is a good number for a blog post. Not too few things and not too many things. Just right I guess, I donno, the prompt is part of the link-up I’ve been participating in so I’m just going with it because I like it and I can.

Number 1.

First. and I don’t even care how you feel about them. Leggings. I love leggings. I’m wearing a pair as I type this. To me, they’re pants. They’re comfortable as hell pants. If you’re all “leggings aren’t pants” it’s because you haven’t tried to wear them as pants. I was like that at one point too. Now? Bring on all the pants leggings. Because comfortable. So comfortable.

(and to be fair, I usually have a shirt that covers my behind because even though I’m a tiny thing I don’t really enjoy for people to be staring at me like that. although home girl does work hard for this nice lookin’ behind.)

Number 2.

Working out. I’m a lame-o I know. Why would I put this here? I feel like it’s begging you to not love me as much as I want you to love me. I’m active. I’m also tiny but that’s genetics and probably the working out I do but I’ve always been this way – not to brag or anything, it’s just how I was made. My mom is tiny, my grandmother was tiny, we’re just tiny people.

Anyway… my current favorite exercise of all time is the 21 Day Fix program. Autumn is a bad ass and she will work your ass until it’s in the best shape of its life. I don’t follow the entire program, per say, but I do the workouts as I want to (meaning, I do whatever I’m feeling that day and not because someone else told me to). I could do the whole program but I’ll be real – I don’t need to lose so I don’t even try. I’m not one of those skinny girls that’s all “look at me on a diet I just want you to tell me I’m skinny and I don’t need to diet.” I know I’m skinny but I also know that after Sydney I got a lot out of shape and I want to be back in shape. I’m pretty much where I want to be so now it’s about maintaining.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix or any other Beach Body programs let me know. I’d be happy to answer your questions or tell you about my experiences with them (I’ve also done T25 – Shaun T is what got my lazy behind back in to shape after baby and Autumn is keeping it that way).

Number 3.

Wine slushies. Because duh.

Steve got me an assortment of these for Christmas and they are really kind of awesome. Especially for when you buy a bottle of wine that you think will be good and then it is not but you don’t want to waste it but you also really do not want to drink it. They’re really great for a nice, hot summer day.

I want one right now. Too bad it’s still morning time.

Number 4.

And since we’re on the subject of wine. These are amazing.

Seriously. Whoever made these is pretty much my hero. They’re great for when we’re hanging outside and I don’t really want to use an actual glass (my kid loves glasses and drinking from all glasses so I envision her breaking a lot of glasses and these have a thing on the top so you can close it which really helps with kid randomly drinking from any glass she can get her tiny hands on.)

I’m in a wine mood now. Basically I know what’s happening tonight after the kid goes to sleep.

Number 5.

Finally. This song.

Luke Bryan – Drink a Beer.

I know. It’s not like a song about a happy thing… but it’s still a really good song.

It makes me think about my friend, Justin, who passed away, in his sleep, at the age of 30. It was so random and sudden and completely unexpected that I’ve had a really, really hard time dealing with it. We started pre-school together and we’ve been best friends since we were 4 years old. I just never imagined that we wouldn’t be friends until we were much, much older. One day, like many days, he was on my mind and this song came on the radio. I just felt him there with me. I feel him with me whenever I hear this song. So for me? It brings up the happy memories I have with my friend. Those are what I try to focus on because it helps me, just a little, not to be so sad.



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