Switch Day

Today’s prompt is about switching places with someone for a day.

I’m not entirely sure there is any specific person in particular that I’d like to switch places with for the day. I think I would really like to be someone that gets to make some laws. And the first law – maybe even the only law – I would make would be that maternity leave is longer AND PAID. Because unpaid maternity leave is bullshit. And it is really terrible that we’re one of the few countries in the entire world that doesn’t pay our new moms to stay at home and care for their children for even a little bit of time.

It would be cool if we could take like a year off like some countries, but that may be a stretch. I’d say at least 6 months of paid leave would be sufficient. It would give mom and baby ample time to really bond. I think it took about that long for me to really get in the groove of “mom-ing” and I went back to work after 9 weeks. I could have taken the full 12 weeks thanks to FMLA…but those last few weeks would have been unpaid and quite frankly we couldn’t afford that. So I went back to work because I didn’t have a choice.

Even if I could have only taken 12 weeks it would have been a much bigger relief to know it was fully paid. Instead of the 60% pay that short term disability gave me.

So there’s that. If I could switch places with anyone it would be whoever gets to make that law a better law.

And yes, I would want to switch back at the end of the day so that I could have another baby and really enjoy my new law.



One thought on “Switch Day

  1. Yes, definitely! I agree. I think that some of the laws in the other countries are partial because of breastfeeding- if you look at the stats they breastfeed longer and that was one of the hardest things for me personally returning to work, and continued to be hard each time I tried to cut out a pumping session at work.

    Besides that, though, you’re right. It’s tough to get used to being a mom, and I felt like 12 weeks was just at the point that Neil started getting interesting as far as being his own person and starting to really interact. It was really hard to go back to work.

    I’ll vote for you! 😉

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