Would you rather

Here’s a fun game of would you rather…. I didn’t really want to answer all of these, but those are the rules so that’s that.
1. Be blind or be deaf.
What’s funny about this question is that my husband is half deaf (as in, he’s deaf in one ear) and my father is half blind (same thing. blind in one eye). I know that both of those are kind of annoying. My husband can only hear you if you’re standing on the right side and my dad will totally run in to you if you sneak up on him on his blind side. I think I would rather be blind. I think that the world would be really lonely if you couldn’t hear.
2. Be taller than you are or shorter than you are
Taller. Definitely taller. I’m only 5’2” so I do not want to be shorter that’s for sure. But it would be really nice to be able to reach a little higher in my kitchen cabinets.
3. Be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life
Huh. Maybe a teenager. You can still do things for yourself but you still get to live off of someone else’s money. Because I wish I was living off someone else’s money instead of having to work for my own haha.
4. Have no hands or no legs
No legs. I could still do things without legs (thanks to the invention of the wheelchair), but I think being without hands would just piss me off because you couldn’t do anything for yourself. Like if you have an itch? Gotta wait for someone else to scratch it. Can you imagine? No. Just no.
5. Lose your front teeth or both eyebrows
Eyebrows. I have this weird paranoia about losing my front teeth anyway so this question just freaks me out.
6. Eat a worm or a cockroach
I guess worm. As long as it’s gummy.
7. Spend a day in the Sahara or North Pole
Sahara. I know it’s super hot but I really hate being freezing so I’d rather go anywhere and be hot for a day than go anywhere to be freezing.
8. Have a personal chef or a personal driver
Personal chef. I love eating really good food but don’t particularly enjoy cooking. I will cook because I have to, but if someone else would do it for me then I’m all for that.
9. Always have to whisper or always have to shout
Simply because my husband would never be able to hear me if I have to constantly whisper I guess I’m going with always have to shout. I can sometimes be known to not particularly have what one would call an “inside voice” so I’m guessing always having to shout isn’t too far off base anyway.
10. Can’t taste or can’t smell
Can’t smell. I can’t imagine eating without tasting whatever I’m eating. But I can imagine not having to smell all the nasty things there are to smell out there.
11. Wipe with sandpaper or saran wrap
Saran wrap. It might be sucky but it’s definitely going to hurt less.
12. Have Twitter shut down for a day or your blog disappear for a day
I guess have the blog disappear for the day. I probably spend too much time on Twitter so it might be a better idea to sign off there for a day but I connect with quite a few people there that I would miss even for a day.
13. Text of your blog is screwed up or all the pictures you post on your blog are blurry
Blurry photos? I don’t know. I’m not sure what screwed up text would look like but you can still make out an image even if it’s a little blurry.
14. Never be able to post another GIF or never be able to receive comments on your posts
I guess not post a GIF. I don’t post them anyway so it wouldn’t be too sad for me.
15. Have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck
The wedgie. I sometimes cut off tags if they’re really bothersome because that is very, very annoying to me (always has been).

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