My day in GIFs.

An overview of my day. In GIFs.

The wonderful hour of 5am.


The struggle is real.

And then I’m getting ready for work by doing as little as possible (hair, make-up, get dressed, make coffee, pack car, get baby, leave house). We’re out in about an hour.

And then I spend an hour wishing I had a flying car.

The joys of living an hour from work.

And then it’s work. work. work. all day long.

Interesting side note. I do actually have – and use – a typewriter at work. You can be jealous of how cool my job is.

After 8 hours (on a regular day…some times it’s not a regular day). I peace out and pick up the little one.

She’s excited to see me. I love it. She’s all MAMA! MAMA! and my heart melts in to a giant puddle.

And then we’re back on the road. For an hour. Sometimes more if people can’t merge. Because they are dumb.

And then it’s just random evening stuff. Dinner, play time, outside time,  bath time, bed time.

And then it’s mom time. Which is basically me taking a shower, getting my stuff together for the next day, and passing out as early as I possibly can.




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