Things that make you go hmmm

Ever think about something and just wonder why it is the way it is?


why people think dodo birds are extinct?

the dodo bird.

the dodo bird.

definitely run across a lot of them on the road every day. They’re the morons that are driving in the left lane, under the speed limit, probably on their phone, giving zero craps about that people want to get around them to be able to at least go the speed limit. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?! It’s just rude. No matter how fast (or slow) I’m going. I will move as soon as I can if you look like you want around me even the littlest bit. I get my speed might not want to be your speed so I’ll move. Why does not everyone feel this way? Why are people asshats. WHY?


why does my sweet child love something one day and then not the next?

Or…why does that same sweet child think that screaming is awesome? And we’re not talking a scream as in a cry. No. We’re just talking a straight up, top of the lungs, scream for no reason. It’s not awesome. I wish she knew that.

Because toddler. That’s why.


Why are there “free” gifts with purchase. If I have to buy something to get your gift it isn’t free. Just because you advertise it that way doesn’t make it any more free. I’m still paying you to get that gift.


Why are coupons always like “save 50 CENTS if you buy THREE of these items that each cost $3. So I will spend $9 to save 50 cents…which means I’m spending $8.50. Yippie. I just spent $5.50 more than I needed to just to save 50 cents.

How about I save 6 dollars and just pay for the ONE I need.

I don’t get those coupon people. I always feel like I have to spend more to save a couple cents. That doesn’t seem logical to me.


How do people misspell so many words, on their phones, when most phones now-a-days that are connected to social media come with auto correct? And really. If you are misspelling the same word so many times that you have tricked auto correct in to thinking that’s how that word is actually spelled you have a problem.


There is no d in that word, right?


So it’s not CongraDs. It is most definitely CongraTs.

I don’t know why that’s hard.

(and yes, I made double sure to use spell check for this post because THAT would be embarrassing). 


why is this post so hard? When I saw this prompt I was all “YES! I have so many…” and now that I’m writing it I cannot come up with more than this.

As soon as this publishes I’m going to have more. I just know it.




3 thoughts on “Things that make you go hmmm

  1. I agree . . . this post was hard! I sat there thinking about if for forever and the only one I could come up with was, “what do I write about for this post? hmmm . . . ” Looks like you got it figured out, though!

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