What’s app.

So today’s link up is about our favorite apps. I really don’t use many apps except for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So… that’s probably boring to write about because who doesn’t use those? Right.

I do quite enjoy the Cartwheel app. If you haven’t used it you’re missing out on random 5% (or more) discounts on stuff at Target. Couple that with your Red Card and you’re in discount city. And who doesn’t love another reason to go to Target.

I like Diptic for my photos. It’s what I use when I put my pictures in those side-by-side (etc.) frames. I know there are a lot of those photo combining apps out there but this is the one I use.

What else… hmm. This one is good. Baby Connect. It’s fantastic. We used it in the early months with Sydney to track her diapers/food/sleep. You & your spouse (or whoever) can connect them so if Mom puts baby down and then leaves to run errands while Dad is at home he doesn’t have to wonder how long baby has slept or when s/he ate last. We long since stopped tracking that stuff for her because we really don’t need to, but we still use it to keep track of her doctor appointments (both sick and well) so we know what we talked about with the doctor at the last visit and if we had any concerns to watch out for until the next visit. It’s got a list of her shots, her milestones, her stats (weight, height, etc). It’s just really helpful. You can add more than 1 kid too which is convenient if you have more than 1 kid. I’m glad we found it.

So there’s that. Those are 3 of my apps that I like and use on a fairly regularly basis. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys like as far as apps go.



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