One. Two. Three.

So I’m a day late on this one which means you’re getting two posts today. You should feel special. Because life has been BUSY which is exactly why I got all behind and then forgot and well…here we are now.

Today’s Blog Everyday in July prompt is three pictures.

Three. Ha.  I have about 1,300 on my phone. Alone. And that’s only the ones that don’t get removed after being backed up to my computer to make room for more. So I think I’ve got three photos for you.

First up. A selfie.

Nana & I.

Nana & I.

Quite possibly my favorite selfie ever. This was taken about 2 months before she passed away. I miss her every day, but I hope I’m making her proud.

Now that I’ve got you crying.

Here’s one I took…

Steve & Sydney

Steve & Sydney

These two. They are my heart.

And now one of anything.

Ice storm.

Ice storm.

Naturally I choose nature. Because it’s one of my favorite things to photograph.

The ice storm we had in January added a little something to the landscape outside my office.

And there you go. Three pictures. Out of like a million. This was a little harder than I thought it would be.


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