The Great Purge. Part 3.

So while I was writing random blog posts in July because a link-up told me to I was also working on purging the heck out of my house.

To recap you can read Part 1 and Part 2.

Basically… I’m a hoarder and it’s a problem. But I’m trying to fix it. It’s a lot of work and I’m so sad that I have kept so much crap.

My parents are participating in the Route 11 Crawl this weekend and they typically put some of the money they make in to Sydney’s savings account so I what a better “goal” than to load up the tables with as much stuff as I could. I feel really great with what I’ve gotten rid of (ok… and also a little bit sad because my stuff… ). But this stuff has been hiding in closets for at least 4 years (which is as long as we’ve owned this house). Some of it has been hiding longer because it was in storage before we moved in to this house (because when we moved our stuff in to storage we didn’t know where or what we would be living in when we would move it out so we kept more than we needed but we didn’t know we were doing that).

I’ve made some pretty good progress on our my closet (of shame) and now it’s all about organizing my scrapbooking stuff because that’s about what is left in that closet. And we’re not talking little random things I may one day (never) scrapbook. We’re talking markers, stickers, glue, tape, etc. that I actually use in making my scrapbooks.

Progress. But not complete.

Progress. But not complete.

And since I took this photo I’ve cleared out most of what is on that wire shelving thing. Some of it has gone to donation, but some of it just landed on the office floor and hasn’t quite moved.

This is going to be a long project.

The top of the closet.

The top of the closet.

This also looks much better. I really should have updated these photos because that shelf is practically empty but oh well this is what I had and I’m no where near this closet or my camera so this is what you’re getting.

A lot of what was up there is stuff from our wedding (think toasting glasses, cake cutting set, a small box with some trinkets like my garter, a single favor, etc.) I have a hope chest that I haven’t really ever stored anything in so now my wedding mementos and my scrapbooks that I’d really rather not share with my child until she is MUCH older (think being 21…). I don’t feel like I’m moving crap from one place to another even though that’s what it sounds like but I’ve decided that is going to be THE place that I can store my mementos and the only place. I think it’ll help me really keep what I want and not just keep everything because I’ve assigned a random sentimental value to them.

So there you go. Some small progress… but slow and steady wins the race.

…I hope…


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