High Five for Friday!

Oh Friday. How much I love you. Especially this week.

It has been a long week guys.


We stayed with the in-laws and I really love them but I really love being in my own home a lot more. I haven’t had a bad week there or anything, but it was good to get home. I’m linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth to give one big High Five for Friday!

Here’s a couple highlights from our week.

One. I went shopping at Target. All by myself. It’s a rarity and it’s even more rare for me to go shopping, on a whim, for myself. Mom life. We ended up staying at the in-laws for one more night than I had planned and  well… I needed an outfit if I was going to not look like a straight up bum at work the next day. So I looked like this instead. And it was as comfortable as it sounds.

Two. We have gotten to spend so much time with my sisters-in-law and it has been quite wonderful. Sydney LOVES them (& obviously the reverse is true). Aunt Hey Hey makes funny noises and that makes Sydney laugh SO MUCH. It’s really awesome to see them interact. It’s even more awesome since Mel is pregnant herself (due in January). I’m so excited for Sydney to have a cousin and I hope they are thick as thieves when they get older. Sydney was giving baby kisses this week. OMG adorable doesn’t even begin to describe that.

Giving baby kisses.

Giving baby kisses.

Three. Sleeping in my own bed. There’s just nothing like it.

Four. I’m pretty grateful we have insurance and access to wonderful doctors and healthcare. After this week it’s hard to take that for granted.

Five. I had an opportunity to snag some really amazing Skins tickets for the season home opener, which happens to be the Sunday right before Steve’s birthday available so the highlight of his week was finding out that he would be going to that game AND sitting in a Suite. He’s excited and he really needed something awesome this week. That was definitely it. We’re also trying to get tickets to a Yankees game that weekend so he’s really excited about the possibility of seeing both his favorite teams play that weekend. I think his head will explode.

And those are the highlights of the week. There have been some low lights, but these definitely outweigh any of them.


 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png


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