O Captain. My Captain.

I’m sorry if this is like the millionth post about Robin Williams, but I just feel like I need to say something. Because he has been a huge part of television and movies for decades that he had a great impact on many people.

For me it was Dead Poets Society. It was THE movie that opened up my eyes to literature in a whole new way. It is essentially why I became an English Major in College. His character had a profound impact on me and it has stuck with me all these years.

Find your voice.

Find your voice.

I trusted myself enough to find my voice and to use my words. I don’t know if my words will change the world, but there is nothing that says that they won’t. The only thing I can do is try my hardest and know that even if I have failed I failed successfully simply because I tried to succeed.

Make your choice.

Make your choice.

Every day. We make a choice. And our choices will impact the world and the people around us. If you struggle, with anything, let someone know. Let that be your choice. Make the choice to seek help. To help yourself.

No one should struggle alone. No one can guess what your struggles are. If you don’t speak up, no one will know. Depression hurts and depression lies. Just because your don’t think anyone cares does not mean that no one does. I think everyone, myself included, would be surprised at the number of people that actually care. Find your people, they are out there. But don’t leave them behind because you didn’t think they existed.

Genie, I'm going to miss you.

Genie, I’m going to miss you.

Robin Williams brought great joy to many people and his humor will be greatly missed.

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