I’m from the country…

…and I like it that way.

I love that song. Anyway… last Friday night we did what any family would do when the fair is in town. We went to the rodeo. Because it is awesome. I wish we had stayed later but no one we were with seemed interested and we had to get home to get Sydney to bed, but next year? I’m going. And I’m going early so I can actually get a seat in the stands so I can actually see much better.

We got there a little before the rodeo so that we could eat (fried oreos, obviously)

Red velvet fried oreos.

Red velvet fried oreos.

Those were basically the best thing I have ever had. I love fried oreos, but this year. Oh this year. Regular fried oreos were out done by these little bites of heaven topped with cream cheese and powdered sugar. If you ever see these you should really do yourself a huge favor and get them.

After eating we went to see the animals! Sydney loved the horses…but only after we walked away from them. She wanted nothing to do with them while we were up next to a horse, but walk away and she would freak her little freak out because hor(se!)



That horse was SUPER friendly. He (?) loved the attention he was getting from all the fair goers. He also was showing off his ribbons by grabbing them and waving them around. It was funny.

There are all kinds of animals – cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and a variety of chickens/ducks/etc. We wandered through the animals as we waited for the rodeo and I think this was my favorite sheep.

sheep trying to be a zebra

sheep trying to be a zebra

We walked through the Young McDonalds Farm, which basically just has some baby animals but I really just like taking our picture with this. I think it’s going to be an annual thing to see how we change from year to year. And it’s cute.


Top is 2014. Bottom is 2013.

We also took a photo opp with the John Deere tractors. She loved being up on this. Grandpa has a riding lawn mower and she loves riding it with him and apparently being up on this tractor was just as much fun for her. She didn’t want to get down.

Nothin runs like a Deere.

Nothin runs like a Deere.

And then one last photo. Because it melts my heart.

These two. <3

These two. ❤

And that was basically our Friday night. It’s nice living out here.


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