The Great Purge. Part 4.

I wasn’t lying when I said this was a multi-part story. I’m in to cleaning and purging our entire house right now. My main focus has been on the exceptional job I’ve done hoarding in our office which really needs to be a guest room but is currently just a disaster. It’s shameful, but it’s real life.

If you haven’t read and want to catch up read about the office purging here.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

The progress for the office has been slow and it got overwhelming so I had to move to something else. And that was just random purging wherever I saw an opportunity. That basically led me all around the house and with a crap load of… well, crap. And since my crap might be someone else’s treasure I loaded it all up in to my lovely vehicle and carted it right on over to Goodwill (and ok, there was actual trash so I did throw trash away because sometimes trash is trash and there is no getting around that).

First up, I said a much needed good bye to some old clothes that I haven’t worn in… I can’t remember how long which is why they are no longer my clothes. I can only focus on one “season” at a time and since it’s summer now I focused on winter clothes. What I end up doing is giving away whatever I really didn’t wear or what I decided didn’t fit from the season that has just ended because if I didn’t wear it then it probably means its been more than a year since it’s been worn and that means it’s taking up valuable space in my incredibly full closet.

Good bye clothes

Good bye clothes

After I got all good and motivated by my closet work, I headed to our basement. We have been in the process of finishing for like 2 freaking years but that’s a whole other long story of how we take our sweet, sweet time doing stuff. My dad finally said he was coming to finish the basement which meant that all the random stuff that had found a home in the basement had to find another home somewhere else. And for these particular things that somewhere was no longer my house.

Trash to treasure.

Trash to treasure.

And while I was going through the basement I found the actual trash. The stuff that I looked at and could not even understand why I was hoarding so much of it…

I’m talking about gift bags and boxes.



I have NO idea why I keep pretty much every gift bag or box that comes through our door. See that big baby shower bag? Yeah. It’s full of ALL the bags I got from my shower. I kept like 2 because bags are expensive and sometimes it’s good to have one or two on hand, but there is no need for 20. Don’t even get me started on the fact that 2 of those bags holds holiday bags – we’re talking Christmas because I never get rid of Hanukkah bags because they are so hard to find. I also decided I didn’t need 50 or so (probably not an exaggeration) gift boxes. I kept some because I don’t really want to go buy them every time I randomly need one, but most of them went straight for the recycle.

At this point our basement is practically empty, which is incredible, and actually almost finished… which is also incredible. Our house feels just as full which kind of makes me sad because I am getting rid of (what feels like) so much stuff. I have a ways to go still but we’ll get there. And I’m learning a valuable lesson in not hoarding things because not only am I doing this but I was inspired by my parents and their efforts to thin out their house after SO MANY YEARS of my mother being just as bad as I am and I do not want to be there. Ever. So purging it is. Thanks for hanging with me!


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