What’s a weekend without a recap

We had a wonderful weekend around here and I hope you guys did too! It was busy, but also relaxing which is the best kind of weekend.

Friday night was made up of dinner out with friends (buffet style – my favorite – because I can eat some buffet food!). And then immediately after getting home from said buffet I took a nice long walk to get rid of that incredibly full feeling I always get after diving in to a buffet like I’ve never eaten before. Sydney & I have started doing nightly walks to the slide – it’s her favorite and it gets me out and moving which is great for me too. We hung out back and played some corn hole with our neighbors for a bit. Sydney LOVES this game… and by that I mean that she loves to take the bags and throw them which makes it hard to really keep score.


Steve’s solution to  Sydney’s love of bean bags

Saturday brought an early – but productive – day. By 9 I had worked out (PiYo for the win!); we had breakfast and we were all ready to take on the day. I didn’t even know who I was Saturday morning…but we had a busy afternoon so I was cramming in as much as I could in the morning. After a trip to the grocery store, lunch, and a nap Sydney and I headed to the Discovery Museum in town. We were meeting up with some (new) friends and I was basically a ball of nerves but also pretty excited to give Sydney a chance to just run free and play with some new friends of her own. This was our first visit and we were extremely pleased – not pleased enough to sign up for a membership because I think Sydney is a little too young for all but 1 floor – but still, it was great and she had fun.

Water table!

Water table!

She loves water. All types of water. I had to literally drag her from this table to get her to play with something else.

Building cars

Building cars

We played with some of the activity tables, but this one seemed to interest her the most. The pieces are magnetic so I think that was much cooler than lincoln logs that do not stick to each other.

Exploring the apple harvest

Exploring the apple harvest

This section I probably had the most problem with. But not quite the section, but the children. Several of them gathered together and were gathering up all the apples (it’s supposed to be like an apple farm so the stuff in this section reflects the things that go in to commercial apple picking I guess). But the one problem I had was that these bigger kids were stealing apples from the little kids (not just Sydney – anyone that wasn’t playing with them but had apples got them snatched out of their hands). Sydney was pushing that wheel barrow and it had apples in it but some kid just came over and swiped them from her. I felt bad because she looked confused and sad that her balls (because that’s what they were to her..duh) were gone. It didn’t seem to really phase her too much so I just let her play however she wanted but it would have been nice if the parent(s) of any of these kids had stepped in and told them they needed to share.

We ended our Saturday night at our friends house for his 30th birthday. They have 3 dogs. One tiny little chihuahua that wouldn’t hurt a fly, a mix that’s also gentle and gives plenty of kisses (Sydney’s favorite), and then Enzo – the sweetest Pit Bull I have ever seen in my entire life. Society would tell you that my child would be the most afraid of the fierce pit bull. Society would be wrong. The tiny 4lb chihuahua freaked her out but the pit bull? She couldn’t get enough of her sweet kisses.

Getting love from Enzo

Getting love from Enzo

Anyway…that was basically our weekend. We did exactly nothing on Sunday (well, I baked some cupcakes and we all napped a wonderful 2 hour nap but other than that…nothing.) It was much needed and very nice to end our weekend with such a lazy day. I hope your weekend was as sweet and wonderful as mine. Enjoy your week my friends.



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