High Five for Friday!

Hello my wonderful readers. I hope you are as happy as I am that it is FINALLY Friday. It hasn’t been that long of a week, but it’s been a week for sure. I was sick on Monday which totally sucked and I really wanted to do nothing that day but I had a lot to do so I was a good adult and got my stuff done. But, I was feeling so bad I basically passed up on some party food – pizza, cupcakes, cookie cake. Yeah. I felt like crap.

But now it is Friday and I am linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth to give a much deserved high five to Friday and talk about the five highlights of my week.

One. I have today off. Which makes my wonderful weekend FOUR WHOLE DAYS. I can’t remember the last time I had 4 days off in a row. Last Christmas? It could have been Thanksgiving. I don’t take much time off (I’m a hoarder of all things and that includes my vacation time… I could take A MONTH off right now and still have time left over.)

Two. My sisters are having a little girl. I am SO excited about that. Even cuter? we taught Sydney how to say her name and that is ADORABLE. I am dying to see these two little girls together. It’s going to be too much cute to handle I just know it. This pretty much sums up what I’m expecting with these two.

Three. I’m incredibly excited about the consignment sale that I’m going to this weekend. I missed the last one I wanted to go to because of Steve’s unfortunate illness (he’s totally fine now btw). I all about a good sale and these sales are huge. I’m going with my friend & I mentioned it to my sisters and they were excited but I haven’t gotten real word if they’re going or not.

Four. Apple has a battery recall (finally!) and my poor phone battery is apart of it. Which I could have told you without checking because there is no other logical explanation for my phone going from 60% to 1% when all I do is open an app. Like I get that apps use my battery life but not that much that’s for sure. Tonight Steve & I are going to get that bad boy replaced. I’m stoked. Because no one should have to charge their phone twice (or more) a day when they really don’t use it that much.

 Five. We’re taking Sydney to the pool this afternoon because my brother is a lifeguard and I have not been to his pool one time this summer and summer is over (which sucks, let’s not think about that). It should be a fun time – I’m curious to see if she likes the pool right away since she had warmed up to it at my Aunt’s or if it takes her some time. Either way it’s supposed to be a nice day for the pool. We’re having dinner with my parents tonight which will also be nice because I haven’t seen them in a while (they have been on vacation). It’s a big day for hanging out with my family!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! Until next time!


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