Fresh Face Friday: A great trip.

I’m linking up with We Took the Road Less Traveled for her Fresh Face Friday link-up.

She gave us a prompt last week to write about the greatest trip of our life, so that is what I’m doing today…

You’re probably expecting me to write about my honeymoon, right? Because that was probably one of my most favorite vacations ever. It was so very much needed after all that wedding planning stress, but no that is not the trip I’m writing about.

In February of 2012 Steve and I took a cruise with my parents. It is now the cruise we lovingly refer to as “the Sydney cruise”… because, well… we came home with the best little souvenir we could have ever imagined.

We sailed aboard the Carnival Pride and visited Cape Canaveral, Florida, Grand Cayman, and Freeport.

Our first two days were spent at sea since we sailed out of Baltimore. And what did we do?

Well, duh.

Well, duh.

My dad and I enjoyed some fruity drinks… and ate as much as we could (thank you buffet!)



We also spent some time relaxing in these hammocks. It was a little colder until we got further south so there wasn’t a whole lot of sun tanning going on but these were still a nice place to relax and let the day pass by.

Our first port was Cape Canaveral. My mom was super excited about this port because of the Kennedy Space Center. So that is where we went that day. It was actually a bit of a chillier day so I’m glad we didn’t plan any water activities or we probably would have been a little cold.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Obviously, I was excited. (and I think it took us like five tries to get that photo…. they’re not easy that’s for sure!)

Inside a pod

Inside a pod

Mom and I hanging out inside a pod… they were definitely small AND rather difficult to get in and out of.

We spent our second day at the beach in the Cayman Islands. It ended up being the nicest day we had for any of our ports of call so it was the perfect day to spend at the beach!

Beach day!

Beach day!

Our third port of call was in Freeport. We were supposed to go deep sea fishing (my dad’s excursion choice…) but the weather was really uncooperative and the seas were apparently too rough to go out so they canceled it. Instead we spent our day at the Freeport straw market and spent all the money we saved by not going on the excursion!

Yay shopping!

Yay shopping!

We had 2 more sea days on the return trip and it was a nice way to end the trip. Relax on the front end, fun in the middle, relax on the way back.

Plus this.

Martini tasting!

Martini tasting!

A martini tasting? Why don’t mind if I do! And I did. And they were delicious. And now I want a martini.

We also enjoyed some wonderful dinners. I think my favorite is the fancy dinner because it’s usually the one with the lobster. And, as it turns out, you can really order as much food as you want at dinner. Like 2 entrees? Get them both. Thankfully we learned that early in the trip so we could really maximize the whole free food aspect of the cruise. (I’m all about free especially when it comes to delicious food!)

Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad.

Aren’t they cute?!

and so are we…



And there you have it folks. The vacation that I will never forget and will always be glad we took.

We Took the Road Less Traveled


2 thoughts on “Fresh Face Friday: A great trip.

  1. Wow this looks amazing! That hammock!!! I’ve gotta have one. Pinning that!

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Cape to see a shuttle take off. Guess that will never happen now that the space program seems to have shut down.

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. I can totally see why a cruise would be your favorite…it’s one of my favorite ways to vacation, too!! That beach looks lovely…I need a Caribbean getaway STAT! We just recently took a day trip to Kennedy Space Center with D’s family–neat place!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your story today!

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