Buddy Bear.

August 29, 2004 my sweet Buddy Bear graced this world with his presence and it was only a few months later that he came in to our lives and changed it forever. This year we celebrate his 10th birthday and even though he’s showing his age, he’s still our puppy!

We have had some serious ups and downs with Buddy’s health over the years and quite honestly I never thought that we would get this far with him because he was so very sick at one point but a few weeks ago we celebrated his 10th birthday.



And yes, he hates that hat as much as it looks like he does.

Hi Buba

Hi Buba

She wants that had so bad. He wants her to take it. I won’t let either of them have what they want. It’s a miracle this picture isn’t more blurry.

He only sometimes loves Sydney but he will always love her whenever there is food involved no matter how terrible she is being (she thinks she is playing, he is fearful for his life. our house is super fun right now.) But, no matter how many things she throws at his face, he still gets very concerned for her if she cries (unless, of course, she is crying because he doesn’t want to play her “games” because then he wants to get as far away as fast as possible.) He’s old and a little sick so he tolerates her probably more than he really wants to.

My sweet boy.

My sweet boy.

This boy will always hold a special place in my heart. And the older he gets the luckier I feel to be his Mama. He has definitely slowed down over the years but every once in a while the puppy still shines through when he decides he really wants to play. He loves napping so it’s a good thing Sydney still takes such good naps so we can still take good naps. He especially loves it when I am home with him just the two of us or when I take him on walks because he’s getting special time with me. He definitely hates it when I have to clean his ears (it’s no picnic for me either) and I’m really the only one he lets do that… and he’s not so keen on anyone else giving him his pills either (twice a day!). He is most certainly a Mama’s boy and I’m perfectly ok with that.

Happiest birthday to my sweet guy. I hope we’ve created as great of a world for you as we think we have over the last 10 years. We love you!


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