High Five for Friday!

YAY Friday!

I am SO glad it is Friday. Not that it particularly matters in my work week ending because I’m quite certain that it will not end until NEXT Friday, but whatever, my work ween in the office is ending. So that’s a plus, right? This week has been made up of some really stressful, very long, not so much fun at all days. This time of year is probably one of my very least favorite times of year for what I do. But next week? It gets better. Because next week things will slow down to a normal amount of work pace and all will be right with the world. But for now, let me find five bright spots to my day.


Monday I got off at a reasonable time. So there’s that. And I got to come home to the cutest little person ever who let me walk around the house carrying her cape. Here comes Princess Baby.

Princess Baby.

Princess Baby.


My in-laws are wonderful. I really do love them and I feel bad for people that do not have nearly as amazing in-laws as I do. This week we basically moved in. It gave me the ability to work late but not have to get home after bed time so I could spend at least a little bit of time with my girl (and my husband too, but he’s up later than the tot so I’d have time with him anyway.


This weekend I’m being a super wife and taking my husband to the season home opener for the Skins. He’s excited. And after this week? I’m excited to be doing something fun.


I had won a contest through the radio station I listen to and something came up and they had to cancel that event. Well, now we’re going to another they’re having next month event for free. I’m so excited. WMZQ Rocks & this really shows me how awesome they are to their listeners. Bring on all the country music!


I really can’t think of anything because my brain feels like mush so I’m just going to leave you with this. (and can I tell you how excited I am that she’s already starting to love dressing up. I cannot wait to play dress up with her. And I am pretty excited about the thought of her potentially getting my husband in on the dress up action.)

Dressing up is fun.

Dressing up is fun.

I hope you all have had a less busy, less stressful week than I have and I hope that your weekend is amazing.
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