Fall Favorites.

Since it feels like wonderful fall all of a sudden I thought I would capture a few of my favorite fall things .

I just snagged this sweater. And I cannot wait to wear it. It was also a super good deal which is why I didn’t even think twice about buying it. I’m all about being comfortable and this just looks so comfortable.

This pretty much sums up my style. A comfortable pair of jeans, some flats, and a long shirt/sweater is how I pretty much look from fall until spring. I love it.

As an aside, while I like this outfit – those shoes? ARE ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS.

No freaking thank you. I might love them a lot, but there is no way that I would even spend that much money on a single pair of shoes. I just discovered this Polyvore website and now I’m pretty sad that everything seems to be outrageously priced. Who is putting these outfits together? Certainly not any average person, right? RIGHT? Do people really spend this much on a SINGLE pair of shoes? No. I can’t believe that.

Moving on. Because that was an upsetting discovery.

I cannot stop trying to find wonderful fall outfits.

How about food? Can you guess?


That link? It’s for a copy cat recipe of a PSL. I haven’t tried it because I just found it when I googled images for that and I’m pretty excited about trying it myself.

I REALLY want to make this delightful dessert…

I am also ready for some hot soups on a cool day. Steven usually makes a BUNCH of chili each fall/winter/whenever I will let him and sometimes I like to mix things up with a chicken chili. Like this one. It’s delicious & easy and I highly recommend it.

Now I’m all ready to cozy up on the couch in some comfortable clothes, chow down on some chili, and finish off my night with a pumpkin dessert. Bring it on Fall I’m ready for you!

YAY Fall!

YAY Fall!

Enjoy your fall, guys. Winter, and snow, will be here before we know it.

That’s definitely one thing I hate about fall. That it brings on winter.



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