High Five for Friday!

Hooray! Another Friday. Another week over and another weekend to enjoy. I’m linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth giving a nice big high five to Friday!


We had family dinner this week at my in-laws and not having to drive home right after work gave me an extra hour to play with Sydney and take a walk to the park.

Fun times at the park.

Fun times at the park.


Speaking of taking a walk. We were able to take a nice long fall walk. I love taking long walks and fall has to be one of the prettiest times of the year to take those nice walks. Both Sydney and Buddy like taking walks but there is no easy way to walk Buddy and keep track of a toddler that doesn’t believe at all in listening so when we go for walks I end up taking 2 separate walks so they can both get some fresh air. #ilovefall

beautiful fall

beautiful fall


Someone was a bit under the weather this week and we kept her home on Monday. She was a poor sick baby and she actually laid around on the couch which is something she pretty much doesn’t do ever. At all. For any reason. Because she is full of energy so it’s definitely obvious when she’s sick.

Sick baby.

Sick baby.


There’s a consignment sale this weekend and because I can’t get enough of them I’m going to be doing a little shopping. After I hit up the consignment sale for Sydney I’ll be swinging by a little consignment shop to do a little shopping for myself.


We don’t really have much planned this weekend but we have some little projects that we’ve been trying to get done so I’m hoping to be able to get quite a bit done around the house. I’m hoping for a relaxing, but productive weekend. We’ll see how that goes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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