Thankful Thursday

The theme of today’s post is thankfulness.

This happened yesterday…

Deer are stupid.

Deer are stupid.

Thanks to a giant buck that decided running across a busy road was a good idea. Hint. It wasn’t. For him or for me. So today I’m a bit laid up with whip lash, my car is in the shop, I have a tiny rental car, and there is 1 less deer in the world.

But I’m thankful that the accident wasn’t any more severe than it was. I’m thankful that Sydney was with Daddy and I didn’t have to deal with her while I was dealing with all that. And I’m thankful that everything has (so far) worked out smoothly with insurance, the rental car company, the car shop, and the doctor.

In light of that, I’m going to focus on a few other things I’m thankful for lately…

  • My husband for keeping me grounded
  • My daughter for making me laugh and showing me very true love
  • That Sydney has recently started asking for hugs when she wants them. It’s adorable and heart melting.
  • That I have amazing parents that are always there for me
  • My dad for providing so much help around our house
  • My mom for coming to be with me at urgent care so I wasn’t alone
  • My parents for always taking Buddy when we need them to
  • For seeing my mom play with my daughter and being able to remember playing with her when I was little and knowing I was loved so very much
  • My in-laws for being wonderful people and treating me like I’m not an “in-law”
  • My mother in law made chicken salad the other day and texted me to tell me she had made me lunch for the next day at work. She does that a lot. If she makes something that she knows I love then she’ll make me lunch.
  • My in-laws for providing us with childcare. It’s a huge blessing and I don’t know how we’d make it without them.
  • My friends for all their concern yesterday and knowing it was truly genuine
  • My neighbor because she has become one of my very best friends and I can’t imagine my life without her in it
  • My job. It’s stressful and not always fun but it is always there and I’m glad I have it.
  • Insurance. Because I would be carless without it
  • Having free tickets to a concert that I really wanted to attend but probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t free

Overall, I’m thankful for my life, my family, and all the experiences I’m able to be apart of. Things could always be so much worse than they are and when I feel like nothing is going right I like to jot down a couple things I’m really thankful for so that I can put some perspective in my life.

I hope you’re all having a very thankful Thursday!

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