Stuff I’m Loving.

I do a lot of shopping because what girl doesn’t love shopping? Amiright?!

Unfortunately, I don’t always do a lot of buying. Because this is real life and we’ve got bills to pay and I can’t just go spending all my money on stuff I want no matter how much I want it.

Anyway…. here’s a list of random things I love and want to buy but probably should be a good adult and not buy them. (however, if anyone reading this would like to buy me any of these things I have conveniently included a “source” link directly below the picture for ease of finding these items on the web and purchasing them for me.)

This ring. I love it. I’m not a huge jewelry person but I think this is a simple piece that I would really like to have.

As a born and bread Virginia girl this shirt is definitely calling my name. It’s a bit expensive for a shirt ($30!) but buying this shirt also helps raise money for MS so it’s basically like you kind of have to buy a shirt from The Home T because it’s charity.

I love Pyrex because it’s just great cookware and then I found THIS. And obviously I need some pink Pyrex.

Pink Pyrex!

Pink Pyrex!

I’m in love with these gloves.

And then I would obviously need this hat to go with these really cute gloves

And obviously, a scarf would complete this set (though maybe in a color to add some POP!)

There you go. A few things I’m loving on and looking for these days. Hopefully these inspired you to do a little shopping of your own – window or real – because it’s always fun to do a little shopping!


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