Carving Pumpkins

Sydney has a mild obsession with pumpkins lately. She loves them. Mostly she loves her little pumpkins and has since we brought them home. I am actually concerned that one day she’s going to pick one up and when she drops it that it’s going to just splatter everywhere and she’s going to be a little upset about it… which would lead you to believe I’d be slightly concerned about carving a pumpkin with her. Nope. Not a chance. I was so looking forward to that because I thought she would be so excited about it. I’m not sure why I would have those very contradictory thoughts, but I do and there’s no logic there at all.

This weekend, just in time for Halloween, we set out to carve Sydney’s first pumpkin.

Sydney loves her pumpkin

Sydney loves her pumpkin

As I got everything ready she sat there with her pumpkin. She actually kissed it a few times but I wasn’t able to capture that.

Digging right in.

Digging right in.

After I finally got the top off the pumpkin we dug right in. She was so excited to help…

YAY helping!

YAY helping!

but she didn’t actually remove any of the pumpkin guts. It definitely looks like she did, but all she kept doing was sticking her little tool in the pumpkin, pulling it out, and saying YAY all very excited for herself.

It was adorable.

Oh look, more helping.

More helping!

She was VERY enthusiastic about this part of the pumpkin carving. She was not as enthusiastic about the actual carving part because she kept trying to help by grabbing at the knife so we had to divert her attention from the pumpkin so we didn’t have any accidents.

In case you were wondering, the attention diverting didn’t go all that wonderfully and we eventually were saved by the bed time fairy (for her) and the wine fairy (for mommy). She was pretty upset to be heading to bed because she really wanted to play with the pumpkin, but she was really excited to see it all done and light up the next night.



The actual carving of the pumpkin was a little more work than I had anticipated. I figured it would be a fairly quick and easy process.




That shit was hard. And that wine was my reward for using the craptastic pumpkin carving kit from Walgreens (do yourself a favor and save the $5 and do not buy that kit). I ended using the kitchen knives that the Walgreens kit was supposed to be safer than because the stupid knives in the kit kept bending. They were not quite excellent quality, apparently.

Another reward for my hard work? Delicious roasted pumpkin seeds using this recipe. I actually considered carving our other pumpkin to make another batch. Almost. But not really. They were good though!

Either way though, she really did seem to enjoy herself. I think next year will be much more fun when she can have a little bit more say and actually do some of it on her own. And maybe, just maybe, actually gut the pumpkin.

Pumpkin 2014.

Pumpkin 2014.

Do you carve pumpkins? I’d love to see them & hear about your experiences!


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