Sydney Grace. Birth to 6 Months.

In honor of Sydney’s upcoming SECOND (!!! OMG !!!) birthday I thought I would recap her life since I wasn’t really blogging for the beginning and this will be a good way to capture her life in 6 month increments.

Sydney graced us with her presence on a Thursday evening in November of 2012. Her due date was the 6th, and while she got us a little excited that day, she made us wait 2 more long days for her arrival. After an incredibly long day in labor and an hour and a half of pushing my wonderful doctor had to go in and get her stubborn little self out of the nice warm and loving home I’d created for her for 40 weeks and 2 days.

Hello world.

Hello world.

She changed our lives forever at 10:35 pm and I wouldn’t trade one sleepless night, one cry fest, or one second of it for anything in the entire world.

His love.

His love.

Month Zero.

Sydney entered our world weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long, and 33.9 cm head circumference.

Buddy was very protective.

Buddy was very protective.

The first month was full of adjustment. For her it was to being on the outside world and for us it was to being responsible for her. During November we celebrated her first holiday – Thanksgiving! We also celebrated my birthday and the twins 1st birthday. We also took her to see Santa for the very first time! She was very good for Santa and slept the entire time we were there.

Month One.

During December we had more holiday celebrations. We celebrated her first Hanukkah and Steven was so excited to share his holiday and for her to have her own Menorah (that I had to light while he lit his). We celebrated family Hanukkah with Grammie, Grandpa, Aunt Mel and Aunt Heather.

Happy Hanukkah.

Happy Hanukkah.

We also celebrated her first Christmas. Uncle George stayed at our house on Christmas Eve and it was very special to have him be there with us on Sydney’s first Christmas morning (even though that wasn’t the original plan but plans changed thanks to the wonderful snow we received that  night). We opened presents together as a family and it was so very special. After breakfast we headed to Nana and Grandpa’s house to continue our celebration with the rest of the family.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Month Two.

At her 2 month (January) appointment you were 10 pounds, 8 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long with a 33.9cm head circumference. She did not enjoy the shots and I didn’t blame her.

Evening nap time.

Evening nap time.

I had to go back to work just as she was becoming more and more awake during the day. She was starting to find her “voice” by making some very cute sounds and even sometimes laughing (it’s was so high pitched like a squeal and extremely cute). She started to have more of a social smile (1 month, 2 days – January 22nd) and I think she melted my heart even more when she smiled at me, for real not gas, for the fist time. Some of my favorite moments were bed time after her bottle when she would snuggle in to me or on those days when she want your evening nap to be on me (& then I also got a nap).

Month Three.

She discovered her hands and they were basically always in her mouth or putting something in her mouth so she could chew on whatever it was she could get. Fingers, toys, it didn’t matter. She was all about chewing. She even started “talking” to her hands. Which I’m sure will lead to talking with her hands just like I do haha.

Daddy love.

Daddy love.

Month Four.

In March we took her to visit the Easter Bunny with Nana & Grandpa. It was really cute and she did really well. I knew this year would be easy for these photos but I wasn’t sure about the years to follow so I’m glad I got some good ones.

Her 4 month appt (March) she weighed in at 12 pounds, 15 ounces and was 24 1/4 inches long with a 41cm head circumference. The doctor thinks she’ll be petite like me. I don’t disagree. She did get more shots – and again, she did not care for that.

Tummy time isn't so bad now.

Tummy time isn’t so bad now.

She hated tummy time with a passion – but I think all babies do – and then one day, bam, she was just a rock start at it and when she could finally lift her head up it wasn’t so bad after all. And as soon as tummy time wasn’t so bad she started trying to roll…back and forth, back and forth. Not getting much momentum but at 3 mo 2 days  (February 10th) she rolled over for the first time from back to tummy…. in her crib during her nap. She rolled front to back at 3 months  7 days (feb 15th) during tummy time and then finally rolled back to front at 4 mo 28 days (April 6).

At 4 months and 8 days (March 16th) she found her feet. She loved her feet just about as much as she loved her hands. And with finding her feet she also figured out how to take off her socks. We were constantly losing socks… but thankfully the weather was getting warmer so socks were becoming less and less of a problem.

She also started to like to sit up more. She couldn’t quite do it on her own, but with some support she would sit quite happily on your lap.

Month Five.

In April we had to go out of town for a night so Sydney had her first sleepover with Nana and Grandpa (April 16). It was kind of stressful for me, but it they loved it and it really was much easier after it was over haha.

We got the go-ahead to introduce solid foods at her 4 month appointment and after some oatmeal cereal we introduced real food. She was skeptical about the oatmeal at first but once she figured out that it was more food she was loving it. We started with peaches on April 18th and even though they were sweet to me they must have been a little bit bitter to her because she wasn’t all that impressed. She did warm up to food and we didn’t really have much trouble feeding her anything after that point.

Easter 2013.

Easter 2013.

In April we celebrated Passover at Grammie and Grandpa’s. She had her first “bite”of matzo ball soup and eating liquid off a spoon was really confusing for her but Steve was so excited about it. With Passover also comes an Easter celebration with my family. We did both celebrations pretty low key which made the days less stressful for me so they were much more enjoyable for me as well.

At 5 months, 21 days (April 29) she clapped her hands for the first time. That, by far, is her favorite way to show her joy. If she likes something she’s going to clap for it.

Month Six.

At her 6 month appointment she weighed in at 15.2 pounds, she was 25 1/4 inches long, and her head was 43cm round. There were more shots. Always with the shots. She doesn’t care for shots.

Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day.

In May we had to go away for a whole weekend and Sydney got to have her first weekend sleepover with Nana and Grandpa. Boy were they excited for all that special time with her. And boy were they extra glad when we came back because they were TIRED. Mom said that she forgot how tiring a baby is even though they do so much sleeping haha. She was very happy to see me after my return though – just like she was whenever I returned to her (from the other room, in the morning, after a nap, when I come get you from work, she is always happy to see me and it makes me feel so special).

Just standing around.

Just standing around.

At 6 months, 11 days (May 19th) she sat up, by herself, for the first time. And then at 6 months, 19 days (May 27) she decided she would be a super over achiever and go ahead and stand up. She didn’t pull herself up all by herself (that comes soon after though…) but with my help she went ahead and stood at the ottoman in our living room.

She really started reaching for stuff and randomly discovered, and loved, the remote control. She also started grabbing. Anything and everything. I fear for my glasses that’s for sure.

And at 6 months and 27 days (June 5) she showed her true love for Daddy by saying “Dada.” I’ll never forget that, we were driving in to Grammies in the morning and all of a sudden, from the back seat, the cutest little dada came out of the back seat. It floored me. I wasn’t expecting it (I mean, I was expecting that sound first but just not at that time). It was amazing and I really wish Steve had been there to hear it but that was her first word and even though it was dada the moment was mine.

Dada's girl.

Dada’s girl.

The first six months were quite amazing. The amount of stuff she learned how to do was mind blowing. I think the greatest joy I’ve found is really in watching her learn how to do new things and she certainly showed me a lot of joy the first six months of her life that make all the hard moments totally worth it.


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