Sydney Grace. Seven Months to One Year.

I thought the first six months of Sydney’s life were amazing and equally as amazing was the second six months of her life. She’s just learning and changing every day that it’s so awesome to watch happen.

When we left off yesterday Sydney was babbling away, sitting like a big girl, and could hold herself up in a standing position if you put her in one.

Month Seven.

By 7 months (June 8th) she was sitting up really well all by herself. If you laid her on her stomach on the bed or the couch she was able to figure out how to push herself around but she wasn’t able to figure that out on the floor. Which, by the way, was fine with me because that meant if I put her on the floor she would stay put. She was also really excited to see Buddy whenever he would come in to her field of vision. She’d been obsessed with him for a few months but her love is growing deeper and deeper. By 7 months she was starting to clap when she saw him to show more excitement than before. It was really adorable and he was still loving her (& loving giving her kisses).

They love each other.

They love each other.

She was a really good sleeper early on (sleeping through the night a little over 2 months old), and that hasn’t changed at all. She goes down around 8:30 but would wake up right around 6 for a bottle before going back to sleep until almost 9. She also took really good naps. She was a lover of sleep, just like her parents. We were really lucky with that because none of us are good on little sleep.

She loves playing with her toys and in her exersaucer. She would have mini conversations with her toys and it was about the cutest thing ever. She was starting to be able to really entertain herself for a little bit, but when she wanted some attention she figured out that if she cried whoever was near her would ask her what was wrong (thus giving her attention) and she would laugh (as in, I fooled you!)



We had Sydney Baptized in to the Catholic Church on June 30th and we surrounded ourselves with the love and support of our family and friends. It was a really special moment for me and I’m so glad that we did that for her. She wore the Baptism gown that I wore when I was Baptized and we’re basically twins.

Month Eight.

By eight months (July 8) things start getting really interesting. She got her first tooth! I felt the first prick of a tooth one night at bed time (July 11th) and while she didn’t really want me to investigate her mouth I was able to see just the tiny tip of her bottom right tooth. I was kind of surprised because she didn’t seem extra clingy or anything even though that sucker hurt my arm so I’m sure it was bothering her mouth. She turned out to be a real tooth trooper so that was pretty awesome. Her 2nd tooth (bottom left) poked through on August 4th (8 months, 26 days) and she was a trooper for that one too.

July 2013.

July 2013.

In July we had a lot of fun. Melanie and Heather got married and Sydney attended her first wedding. The brides were pretty, but she was definitely the cutest one there. She also had her first time in the pool. She did not enjoy that one tiny little bit. There was a lot of people in the pool and on one side they were playing basketball so we’re not sure if that scared her or what but it was disappointing because she LOVES bath time so I thought for sure she’d love the pool. Wrongo.

Almost on the move.

Almost on the move.

She was making progress on the crawling front. It started slowly by just pulling herself up on her knees from her tummy. If she was laying on her tummy she could propel herself around (basically in a circle) and she would be able to move a little but she wasn’t really crawling. That didn’t last too long because by July 12th she was definitely crawling (army crawl really) and it was slow to progress to full on up on her knees crawl but she did get there. From there she quickly learned she could crawl to things and pull herself up. Our little trickster pulled herself up to a standing position at the ottoman on August 4th (8 months, 26 days).

Month Nine.

At her 9 month visit she weighed in at 17.14lbs, measured 27 inches, and her head was 44.5cm round.

In August (9 months 8 days, August 16th) she started eating actual food. We started with small ravioli and she actually did pretty well feeding herself. She loves food so this was definitely a delight for her.

Trying to escape.

Trying to escape.

She’s also making more and more moves towards walking. On August 18th (9 months, 10 days) she walked the length of the small couch in our living room. That was quite a shock because she’d been standing for a while but just recently pulled herself up to standing so we didn’t realize full on movement was so close. By the end of the month she was a pro at walking along the couches. She also managed to escape and head straight up the stairs on August 22nd. Surprisingly she didn’t fall but we definitely put up those baby gates pretty quickly after that!!

She “talked” a lot still. She started making an “ooo ooo” sound that kind of sounded like uh oh on August 30th and the nananana sound quickly followed. My mom (nana) was the most excited about that sound. She started waving bye-bye too (9 months, 9 days – Aug 17th). It was incredibly adorable to see her little chubby baby hand wave bye-bye.

Month Ten.

More teeth! Well, ok, just 1 more – the top right tooth started to make it’s appearance at 10 months, 2 days (Sept 11).

As far as her vocab goes that started growing too. She finally said mama (!!!) at 9 months, 19 days (Sept 27) and she started making a sound like “doh doh” that was exciting but nothing compares to mama. She found her yelling voice and loved screaming (ahhh!!!). That was not nearly as exciting, but it was pretty cute.

Sydney loved to laugh from early on but this month she started “throwing” herself in to you in a fit of laughter. Let me tell you about cute because that was it.

Playing with her toys.

Playing with her toys.

She really started playing by herself more and more. As long as you were near her she would play with her toys. I guess she felt safer if she could see someone. She would do ok if you left the room, but if you left for too long I think she got worried. Sometimes when she was playing she would get so excited about a toy that she would bring it to you to show off in the most adorable excited way.

And of course there’s food. She was still drinking formula as her main substance, but by 10 months she was eating 3 solid meals a day and no more purees. She much preferred food she could feed herself and that would keep her plenty busy during dinner so that Steve and I could eat hot meals.

Month Eleven.

More teeth! Top right tooth came all the way in at 11 months, 2 days (10/10) and the left tooth broke gum 9 days later on Oct 19.

She really is trying to be more verbal and make more sounds in general. She maked that “ohhh ohhh” sound with her hand & mouth (10/14) and then started “strumming” her lips to make noise (11/3). She even said Desi (10/17) and my Father-in-Law was really excited because he heard that first and no one believed him until we heard it for ourselves (in our defense, it seemed like it would be a hard word for her to say but she proved us wrong and him right).

She also started to play with us more. She liked to lay down and have us tickle her (she still loves that!) and she really liked it when we would hide (behind the couch) and then “scare” her (kind of like peekaboo). She would laugh so hard it was awesome. Playing with her is probably my most favorite activity of the entire day.

A climbing machine.

A climbing machine.

We got her ears pierced and she was a complete trooper. She cried a little bit – just about the same as what she cries for shots – but once it was done and she saw something that distracted her she completely forgot what all the fuss was about.

Did I mention that she started taking steps? No. Oh yeah. On 10/14 she took her first unassisted step (10 months, 5 days) and just 2 days later she took 2 unassisted steps. She wwas on the move, for real, shortly thereafter. On 11/5 she went ahead and walked about half way across the living room. And just like that, we had  walker.

Month Twelve.

At her 1 year (!!) appointment Sydney weighed in at 19.5lbs and measured 30 1/2 inches. In her first year she gained 12 pounds and 3 ounces and grew 11 inches.

One whole year.

One whole year.

Our little mover and shaker definitely didn’t slow down any this month. Her birthday trick (11/8) was to just go ahead and stand right on up all by herself. Like a boss. And since she figured out how to get up and get moving she also found her dancing grove. She looks like she’s going to have my rhythm, but it doesn’t appear like that’s going to stop her from dancing when she hears music. Since she no longer really wanted to sit still because there was just too much to do she figured out how to get herself down from the couch by turning around (on to her stomach) and sliding down the side. We had no way of containing her anymore unless we stuck her in her beloved exersaucer or her even more loved walker (because she could get around that way… but only in the kitchen because the living room carpet stopped her in her tracks which gave Buddy a safe place to escape her.

She got two more teeth too… her 2nd set of top teeth (left on 11/12 and right on 11/2). That made a total of 6 teeth in 4 months and she was a trooper for all of them. She definitely liked showing off her gummy smile but her smile full of tiny teeth was just as cute.

We celebrated her 1st birthday surrounded by our family and friends. It was quite the overwhelming (for me) affair. I felt like everyone we invited came and that made my heart swell right on up knowing that everyone we love was so eager to celebrate her little life just as much as we were. There was cake (which she definitely loved!), presents, friends, family, and lots and lots of love. We really couldn’t have asked for a better day for our sweet girl. I hope she feels that wonderful love for her entire life.

The difference of 12 months.

The difference of 12 months.

Her first year was probably the hardest year of my life, but it was equally the most special. We celebrated a lot of firsts and I think my favorite part of watching her learn new things was that it was basically my first time seeing that stuff. (I have to give Katie credit for this thought because it was originally hers but it makes sense… LYMI) Obviously, as a person you do not remember the first time you found your hands or feet and how extremely exciting that was. As a parent, you get to experience that wonder for the first time as you watch your child find their hands or feet. Watching her excitement when she lifted her head for the first time to make tummy time go from miserable to giving herself a different view. From scooting for the first time to that just out of reach toy. For as long as I can remember I’ve been able to walk, but watching Sydney walk for the first time was amazing in the sense that there wasn’t any real way for me to teach her how to do that. Sure, she learned because she sees everyone else walking around, but except for observation there were no walking lessons in our house. She just learned to walk. She had to learn to trust that my outstretched hand would definitely catch her if she fell. It’s all something that for as long as she can remember, whenever she thinks about it, she will be able to just do it. She had to learn how to trust and also to just go for it. She will never remember learning how to do those things or a time in which she couldn’t do them. But I will. That is the gift parenthood gives us. Creating memories of wonder and joy. And I’m so grateful that I get to enjoy this ride for the rest of my life.


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