Sydney Grace. Thirteen to Eighteen Months.

Our first year was wonderful and we experienced so many firsts that I was so excited to see her understand more and more the things that we were doing with her (like the every day and special outings) as well as understand more and more what it’s like to be an actual person.

Month Thirteen.

We got some more teeth this month – (13 months, 5 days – Dec 13) – her bottom right tooth started coming through her gums.

Her vocabulary is slowing starting to build up as well. She started saying gone, as in all gone, when she was done eating (12/13) and she added cat (ca) to her repertoire shortly after that (1/6).

Snow day!

Snow day!

She also was starting to learn the concept of answering a question and we started with how old are you and she would be able to respond by holding up 1 finger. It was super cute. She also started to become more interactive. She started playing peek-a-boo with a blanket (12/12) and that was really fun for her. She loved the surprise of it. She also started blowing kisses (1/6) and that made me really excited for when she will actually give kisses.

We celebrated her 2nd Christmas and Hanukkah in December and she really was excited about her presents. This year was decidedly more fun than her 1st ones because she was way more interactive than last year.

Month Fourteen.

I didn’t have to wait very long for her to start giving out kisses because she went ahead and started giving them out at 14 months, 9 days (1/17). I think she’s going to be a very affectionate and sweet girl.

Her vocabulary keeps expanding. I think I’m amazed every time she comes up with a new word because we never know which word she’s going to say next. This month we added yes (1/19) and yuck (2/2) to her list. She also added “mmm” to her vocab and will say that and rub her belly when she eats something she likes.

Winning Buddy's love with food.

Winning Buddy’s love with food.

She started climbing this month. Really climbing. She made it from the floor to the couch (1/26) all by herself. Buddy is getting more nervous since she’s getting more and more mobile. She loves him and really wants to play with him but she’s not very gentle so he’s a little worried and starting to get pretty skeptical about her. He’s still affectionate with her but he’s not sure what to make of all this extra movement going on.

Month Fifteen.

At her well visit she weighed 20.5 pounds and measured 30.5 inches. She got her regularly scheduled shots and did a small bit of crying, but she was a pretty good trooper for them.

She is “talking” up a storm now. She will talk to herself, she’ll pretend to be on the phone and talk to whoever is on the other end. She has also started to say “mmm” and “all gone” after each bite of food she takes. She loves eating and talking and she figured out a way to combine the too in the most cute, perfect way. She also says “shhh” and puts her finger to her mouth when she ways it. I tend to say “go-go” to Buddy a lot (apparently) because she started saying it to Buddy too. She’s figured out how to tell us what she wants or ask what something is – she says “dat” and will point at something. Sometimes it isn’t that easy to understand which she is asking, but she is persistent so eventually we figure out what she’s getting at. And she’s giving out hugs without being asked now (2/10) those are some of the sweetest hugs ever so usually when she hugs me I’ll go ahead and ask for a few more. She indulges me, for now, and I’m taking advantage of that for sure!

Our little reader.

Our little reader.

She started getting molars this month. 3 at a time basically. 15 months, 11 days (2/19) I caught sight of her upper left first molar and just 2 days later (2/21) I could feel her bottom left first molar and her top right first molar. These seemed to bother her a little more than the other teeth, but not really as much as I was figuring they would bother her (they’re molars! those suckers are huge for her tiny little gums!!) And then at 15 months, 24 days (3/1) her 2nd bottom left tooth started coming in. This was a big tooth month for her for sure.

She also had her first real sickness this month (2/24). She woke up a few times fussing that night, but went pretty much right back to sleep so I didn’t think much of that. In the morning though as soon as I walked in to her room I could smell it. She had gotten sick at least 3 times over night and she got sick a few more times in the morning. It was so sad. I stayed home with her and by the next day she started feeling better and didn’t throw up anymore but she was definitely a sick little girl. And then she shared that with me and it was like being hit by a truck so that was terrible.

Month Sixteen.

Sydney started her love affair with outside and the park this month. Grammie took her to the park for the first time (march 12 – 16 months, 4 days). She didn’t really enjoy it the first time but she did go on the swing and the slide and after a few more trips she was all about the slide.

She’s a big mess maker at home. I was “napping” one day on the couch after work and Sydney was being very quiet and letting me nap. Nope. Wrong. She was playing with, and dragging out, the toilet paper from the bathroom. It was pretty funny but I would have rather that not been how I woke up from my nap. She also loves to play with our tupperware by basically just pulling it all out of the cabinets. I did use this as an excuse to really organize the cabinet, which only makes it easier to put away when she pulls it all out. She also likes to play with my hair. I like that less than she does because she sometimes (frequently) will pull it and that’s not very fun for me.

She’s starting to repeat sounds more and more. We were reading a book and when we get to the ducks I usually say “quack quack” and she started repeating that sound back one day without any prompting (I said ducks, she jumped in and said quack). She did say “ga ga” when talking on the phone with Grammie (16 months, 18 days – march 26) but that was pretty short lived. In trying to get her to beef up her words I try to get her to repeat words after I say them and this month she was able to point to a lion in a book and say “la.” It’s not quite lion (at all…) but we’re getting closer to forming words which is really the direction we need to be going in. She does say hi. It’s her favorite word to say and she’ll say it to everyone. Her bottom right molar started coming in at 16 months, 20 days (march 28) and just like the rest it seems to bother her but not enough to slow down at all.

Learning to climb.

Learning to climb.

She’s a climber – she learned how to climb up on the back of the couch and at 16 months, 12 days she went ahead and jumped right off the back of the couch. On me the poor unsuspecting victim sitting on the couch. She thought it was hysterical. She figured out how to come down the stairs on her own which means we’re having to be more careful about remembering to put up the baby gates. She does have a really adorable “belly laugh” that Grammie taught her – she will pretend laugh really hard and bend over like she’s doubling over in a fit of laughter. It usually leads to her spectators laughing so hard that she really starts laughing. It’s pretty funny and she likes to be the center of attention. Speaking of which, she’s starting to throw tantrums but she likes to make sure that people are watching her because apparently if there isn’t anyone watching it isn’t worth it. They’re funny to watch but we pretty much just walk away so she doesn’t get any gratification from them.

Month Seventeen.

She is definitely in love with her doggies – at 17 months, 0 days (4/8) she called Lilly by her name and at 17 months, 15 days she called Buddy “buba” for the first time after I called for him one morning. She will also definitely tell you that she is “1” by holding up her finger every time she says it (instead of just sometimes). She will also tell you where her nose is if you ask and she has this adorable “oh no” face where she puts her hands on the side of her face.

She started really loving cleaning this month – my little helper – and if you ask her if she’s done with her cup she will put it in the sink (April 14 – 17 months, 6 days) and  played with a small broom after she watched (“helped”) me clean the kitchen floor (17 months, 18 days).

Family love <3

Family love 

She’s on the move for sure this month. 17 months, 6 days (april 14) she took big girl steps up the stairs but she still needs a bit of help (someones hand) so it makes it a little difficult if she is following you & you have your hands full because she wants to do it all by herself but she still needs help. 17 months, 18 days she decided running the length of the kitchen and then “falling down” was going to be her new funny thing to do. She would stop running and lay down as if she had “fallen” and then would laugh and laugh. By the end of the month (may 5 – 17 months, 27 days) she had taken to “jumping” off her little chair which is really just the smallest step down but she definitely thinks she’s jumping and feels pretty proud of herself.

Month Eighteen.

At eighteen months Sydney was starting to really just grow leaps and bounds. At her 18 month well visit she weighed in at 21.5 pounds and was measuring 31.5 inches. She only got 1 shot and she did’t care for that but I’m pretty sure she was glad it was only 1 this time. The doctor said he figured she was destined to be a “tiny girl” just like her mom. I really enjoyed that compliment 🙂

At the beginning of the month (may 9) I thought she was getting her top and bottom left canine teeth and by the end of the month she was definitely getting them. I caught sight of the bottom left and the bottom right on May 24 and the next day she finally let me see the top two canine teeth. As with all of her teeth, she never really did seem any extra crabby or anything. She’s a little trooper.

We were teaching her to treat the dogs nicely because she’s been a little rough so we are constantly telling her to “be nice” when she pets them and she started telling us “ni” when she pets the dogs. She seems to have trouble with that second syllable  on most words but the first syllable is clear enough that we can usually figure out what she’s saying. She also says “uh oh” correctly which is a product of me because if something happens I try to say “uh oh” now because one day (may 10 – 18 months, 2 days) I said “shit” while working on a project and she definitely repeated me. Now that we’re in parrot mode I’m trying to clean up my mouth and apparently I say “uh oh” a lot because she knows how to use that phrase pretty well.

Going vintage at an early age. Wearing Mama's shirt.

Going vintage at an early age. Wearing Mama’s shirt.

She doesn’t like to be dirty and if she gets something on her hands she wants it wiped off. She will also say “yuck” in the correct context. I’m not big on being messy or having things messy so she definitely gets that from me. I think you can tell a lot about how parents talk by what their children say – this month we figured out how to correctly say “no” because we have to tell her no so much (she’s little, she’s curious, but she gets told no when it’s appropriate). She also says “pew pew” when she poops because we say that for the smell.

I think she’s going to be sensitive to her injuries because at 18 months, 8 days (may 16) she ended up with a tiny booboo on her foot and she would (constantly!) point to it and say “boo” and then hold out her foot for it to be kissed by one of us. Just a few days later (may 19) I told her that I had a booboo and she kissed it for me. It was pretty sweet.

We took our first road trip with Sydney this month June 6 -8 – to NC to visit Candace, Doug, and Shawn. She did really well in the car (for 6ish hours 1 way) but one of us had to sit in the back with her so that we could keep her entertained. She’s still rear facing so we think she was just bored not being able to see anything back there but we did bring plenty of snacks and games to keep her happy. She really loved baby Shawn and was very curious about him. She liked looking at him and being near him (& whoever had him) but she did not really like (or understand) when he would cry so she would cry when he did. It was as if she figured if he was upset then she should be too and wasn’t taking any chances.

We took both kids to the beach for the first time. Shawn was just hanging out in his wrap but Sydney really seemed to enjoy it. At first she was not pleased with the sand on her foot and was really concerned with it being on her foot but after a bit she warmed up to the whole thing and even went in the ocean for the first time with Daddy! The boys & her really didn’t want to leave but we had to go to dinner & us moms were ready to hit the road because we weren’t really prepared for much more than a short walk on the beach.

The difference a year makes.

The difference a year makes.

These third 6 months really brought some changes for Sydney – in the best way. She’s becoming more and more aware of what’s going on and she’s basically starting to really be a sponge. It’s fun to see her learn and grow especially in the area of her language. She seems much less whiney when she is able to communicate with us and we can actually understand her but you can tell that she’s still a little frustrated that someones she is clearly saying what she wants but we can’t actually understand what that is. We’re still learning how to handle some of the frustrations but I have a feeling with this little fire cracker this learning will be a life long adventure!



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