Sydney Grace. Nineteen Months to Two Years.

Half way through our second year and I am constantly surprised by how much she knows and just how big she is. This second half of the year has been both amazingly fun and difficult. But I wouldn’t change it, or her, for the world.

Nineteen Months.

She has started to want to hold our hands. She will take our hands and walk us around the house; always looking up at us with the biggest grin on her face. She loves spending time with us and we’re really starting to see her love to play with us more and more. She even started walking up the stairs more by herself (june 28 – 19 months, 20 days). She will hold on to the wall and really prefers to do it by herself, like a big girl.

Her words and phrases are expanding. She started saying “leese” for please – she started out by saying it when we would ask her to say it if she wanted something, and even though she needed some reminding, she eventually caught on to saying please helps to get what she wants. She put that together with help (ha leese) and up (uh leese) to communicate even more what she wanted. It’s still a challenge to understand her all the time, but she is learning to make it easier.  While she loves giving Buddy treats, sometimes there is food she does not want to share. She learned to tell the dogs “get down” when she’s not in to sharing her food and she will seek higher ground (either someone to pick her uh leese or a chair to keep her away from the dogs). At 19 months, 5 days (june 13) I asked her to take 1 bite of something and she held up her 1 finger and said “waa.” I thought that was kind of impressive.


Sliding with Grandpa.

Sliding with Grandpa.

We also ditched our pacifier this month. We had been debating it and we finally figured it was just time to do it before she got really attached. June 19 marked her final day with the pacifier and even though it took her a little longer that night to fall asleep she didn’t seem to miss it at all. One random habit she picked up was licking our face. I asked for a kiss and instead I got face licks. I don’t even understand that one.

We took a road trip up to Lancaster, PA to visit with some friends and she really enjoyed being up there all day. We did some shopping, some petting zoo, some eating, and then just some hanging out with friends. She was a trooper on the road trip and definitely passed out on our way home. On July 3rd our town had their July 4th even celebration and it was her first time seeing the fireworks. She did really well, much better than I expected because of the loud noise, but she didn’t seem to scared of that. She pointed to them in the sky and would say “boom.” I think she was pretty amazed by the lights in the sky.

Twenty Months.

Because we’re awesome parents we have taught our child tricks. If you ask Sydney to think she will put her hand on her chin, like she is thinking some deep thought. If you ask her what’s stinky she will hold her nose. With that one she also discovered that her voice makes a different and funny sound when she plugs her nose. One day (july 14) in the car on the way home there was a commercial on the radio where the guy answers only like a pirate (arrrg). At the very end of the commercial Sydney repeated the pirate sound. When I asked her if she was a pirate, she did it again. And from then on out she could tell you what a pirate said. Steve taught Sydney how to fist bump (july 21 – 20 months, 13 days) so if you say boom she will hold out her hand for a fist bump – she really likes doing that and it’s her favorite way to stall anything she doesn’t want to do. Grammie taught her how to model (july 23- 20 months, 15 days) – she will turn herself sideways every so slightly and strike a pose. She also discovered how to blow raspberries and used my belly as her means to doing so. It was hysterical and pretty cute. she was really proud of herself.

She’s figuring out how to identify her body parts. She can say (and point to) her knee (july 15 – 20 months, 7 days) but she will also point to her eye, nose, and head with some prompting (as in, where is your eye – but be careful because sometimes she will poke you in the eye!)

She gained a few words this month – she says “lide” for the slide. She loves going to the park and always wants to slide. She has a great love for planes right now and if she hears one she will call out “lane” in a very excited voice and point up at the sky. She also says “lelow” for yellow and I’m not real sure where she got that one from. Another word she picked up is ball – she loves to play with them and wants to play with them with Buddy even though he’s not quite in to that. She also really likes to spin around in a circle. I think she likes the dizzy feeling and it’s really funny to watch her get herself all dizzy, fall down, and laugh so hard because she can’t get back up.

Playing at the park.

Playing at the park.

Twenty One Months.

Sydney’s vocabulary is ever increasing – she picks up more and more words all the time. This month we added sit, juice, milk, snack (nack), agua (thanks to Aunt Sammi), uncle, bye, more, butt, foot, shoe, robe, cold, Papa (for Grandpa), Hadley, and Sue Sue (which made Sue Sue very, very happy!). While we were at the Route 11 Crawl she saw some ducks and started calling them “quack quacks.” She also formed her first multi word phrase at 21 months, 11 days (aug 19) and said “more juice please.” Well.. mo juce leese.

She thinks that baby Hadley is in everyones belly – not just Aunt Melanies. Sometimes she will even tell Daddy that he has Hadley and he doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do.

We have this alphabet book in which alligator is the word for the letter ‘a’ and she has started to try to say it. It sounds only a little light alligator but sounds mostly like aligititi. It’s currently my most favorite word she says (behind Mama, of course).

She’s becoming a very picky eater this month. It seems as though she is quickly losing her love to eat everything we give her and only has a few staples that she will actually eat. She loves chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and hot dogs. She will still eat applesauce and cheese. She eats oatmeal with Grandpa and she’ll eat scrambled eggs for breakfast but actually getting her to eat more than that is pretty tough.

She does like to “get strong” with me – we have been working out and she’ll pretend to work out with me. I don’t want her to end up with any body issues so we call it getting strong and she’ll show off her muscles when you ask her if she wants to get strong. It’s adorable.

Clarke County Fair.

Clarke County Fair.

We also spent some time at the Clarke County Fair this month. You can read more about that here.

Twenty Two Months.

Sydney had quite the vocabulary explosion this month. I’m not sure this is a complete list of all her words, but it’s the ones that I have jotted down. She’s added elephant, owl, bagel, home, oatmeal, squirrel, broom, hamburger (hannurger), chocolate (locoat), mine, happy, pickle (cockle), and keys to her vocabulary this month. Some words are clearer than others, but she generally is able to get her point across. If you ask her a question, no matter what, she will just answer “nooo” in the cutest little voice. We’re working on saying the ABC’s and we practice in the car on our way home most days. She gets really excited about the letters that she knows and she’s getting better each time we do it. She has also started to say thank you (by signing it or saying “thank”) unprompted. That’s a pretty big one as far as I’m concerned because I like that she’s polite!

She is more and more daredevil-y and she will practically jump off of anything. She also has started to jump in place which is kind of funny to watch. She’s pretty proud of herself that she can jump like that. If you ask her what a monkey does she will put her hands up under her arms (in her armpits) and make her monkey sound. It’s adorable. She loves her little tricks.

We took her on her first trip to chuck-e-cheese this month and you can read all about that here. We’ve been since and she loves it each time we go.

She’s still a pretty picky eater, but she has figured out how to eat with a spoon all by herself. Some foods, like applesauce, are a little messier than others but she’s still got that skill down pat.

A first this month was that she actually asked me for a hug. When I drop her off in the morning she tries to stall me as long as possible, and one morning in particular (sep 30 – 22 months, 22 days) as I was walking away from her she reached her little arms out and said “hug” and I melted into a puddle on the ground and she successfully stalled just a little longer that morning.

Labor Day Weekend.

Labor Day Weekend.

Twenty Three Months.

She hasn’t added many new words this month but she has started to say “I love you” (I la ya) and that’s a pretty big tie for melted heart the most with the hugs she asks for. She will always know just how to “get” me. She added bottle (bollay), pumpkin (munkin), napkin (mapkin), monkey, pocket (pockey), circle, and why to her vocabulary this month. She also started calling Melanie “melne” and that made her pretty happy that she finally has an identity again (sometimes, because most of the times she is still Hadley). She can say just about all of her ABCs after you say them. One evening (nov 1 – 23 months, 25 days)  I heard her talking and I realized she was trying to say the ABCs by herself. She was only saying the ones she really knows how to say and was kind of muttering/mumbling through the rest but we’re making some progress there. I figure it won’t be long before she’s got those down pat.

I think my favorite highlight of this month was probably Frozen on Ice. Trick or Treating was also pretty fun to watch her excitement over all the candy she got just by walking up to peoples doors and asking for it.

One pretty big development this month is Sydney’s interest in the potty. She has been asking us “that” for the last several weeks when we are going potty and we went out and bought her a little potty to keep her interested. She’s no where near ready for actual potty training because she can’t tell us when she has to go, but when we put her on the potty sometimes she will actually go. The first time she did that was at 23 months, 3 days (oc 11) after bath time one night she looked like she was going to pee so I put her on the potty and sure enough she actually went. Two days later she went poopoo on the potty and that freaked her out so much that she was really anti-potty for a couple days. We keep encouraging her and I think soon we’ll actually be at the stage where she can tell us she has to go so we’ll be able to get rid of diapers!

My big girl.

My big girl.

Twenty Four Months.

Halloween 2014.

Halloween 2014.

As we enter this twenty fourth month I am astounded at how much Sydney has grown, how much she has learned, and how much she knows. I cannot wait to see where this next year takes us. I imagine the hard things – like potty training and moving up to a big girl bed. And the fun things – like being excited for her Christmas and Hanukkah presents. And having her mind blown over Cousin Hadley being a real person and not Aunt Melanie’s belly. Seeing Sydney & Hadley together. Playing more. Growing more. Learning more. I know she will fill my days with love… and challenges…. and I’m excited to go through these next twelve months with this little girl.


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