DIY: Diaper Cake

I’m not a huge DIY-er so these DIY posts are probably few and far between but I’ve got one for you today that I hope you enjoy!

My sisters are having a sweet baby girl and we recently showered them with love and presents! I wanted to get creative and cute for their gift while trying to not really go overboard on the clothes since I have a closet full of hand-me-downs coming their way so I needed something different. Enter the diaper cake. I scoured the internet and found several resources that I pulled ideas from but really went in a direction that my husband turned me on to. I was really wanting to take blankets that my sisters had registered for and make the blankets kind of like “icing” on the cake so you couldn’t see the diapers. But I was having THE HARDEST time figuring out exactly how many the blankets look like icing without looking like complete crap. For the record, I could not figure that out… so instead, my husband with his infinite wisdom set off to google (for which I said don’t you think I’ve done that… as if he would only find exactly what I found to be unhelpful).And shocking… he found a good solution so we went with that and I think it turned out great!

What you need

Diapers (I bought a pack of Huggies Naturals Size 1 in an 80 count and used about 70 of them)

Rubber bands

Pins (I used safety pins but I’ve seen other people use straight pins… it’s just a little safer for me to use safety pins so use what you are comfortable with)

Decorations (I bought a travel pack of baby wash, lotion, powder & desitin; some bows; and a tag toy for the topper)

Receiving blankets

What to do

Roll your diapers and secure with rubber bands.

Roll those diapers

Roll those diapers

After you’ve got them all rolled it’s time to make your layers

Make those layers

Make those layers

I used about 70 diapers total. I didn’t count the exact number of diapers in each layer but I think the top layer is about 12. I made 3 of the same size and then added diapers around the outside of each layer until they could stack properly. There’s probably around 22 in the middle layer and 35 for the bottom layer. Ultimately my goal was to make them look pretty round and make them just a little bigger than the layer above.I use big rubber bands to keep the layers all together… for the bottom I actually used 2 rubber bands in case 1 of them decided to give out.

Once you’ve got your layers all ready it’s time to wrap them. I used standard size receiving blankets from Carters and layed them out and folded them until they were about as wide as the diaper cake was tall.

Icing the cake

Icing the cake

Make sure your blankets are pretty tight so the diapers don’t fall out and fasten them together with your pins.

Secure the blankets

Secure the blankets

And then repeat for all your layers

All layers wrapped and ready

All layers wrapped and ready

Make sure you place the sections of the blankets that you closed with the pins in line with each other so it basically makes a back and front of the cake which makes the front part of the cake look nicer. I fasted each layer together by pinning the blanket from one layer to the next. I did that on both the front and back of the cake, on the inside by the diapers, so that the cake will stay together when you transport it.

After you’ve got your cake all assembled it’s time to decorate



I saw some really cute headband bows at Target that I used as little accents (to avoid stretching the bows out I folded the headband part and pinned it to the blankets. I also used the small gray ribbon that was tied to the blankets in the packaging because it matched wit the rest and it was big enough to go around the top layer (and I only had 2 bows so I felt like one layer was missing something).

I stuck the small, trial size, bottles of lotion, body wash, baby powder, and shampoo on the sides of the cake wedged in to the diapers.

The toy on top is my favorite – I had originally been looking for a different elephant toy for the top but when I saw this Taggie Elephant I just knew that this was the one I had to have because it was way cuter. I also fastened this to the top of the cake by safety pinning it to the blanket.

When I was first buying things to decorate this I didn’t think I had enough but I actually like the way it looks nice, clean, and simple. Some of the cakes I had seen when I was browsing looked really overwhelming and I think that helped convince me I needed more stuff, but after finishing I’m all about less is more because I think this looks so great and it was a huge hit! I think this might be a new go-to gift for me.

I thought this was going to be both much more time consuming but it turned out to be a pretty quick project that I was able to knock out one evening while catching up on the DVR with the hubby.

Have you ever made a diaper cake? If you have (or do) I’d love to see it!

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