My favorite years.

I turn 32 on Thursday and I’m kind of mind blown by that. I feel like just yesterday I was a child with my whole life ahead of me and then I blinked and now I’m living that life. It’s crazy, really, just how fast life goes. I thought in honor of my birthday I would relive some of my favorite years.


Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me.

This is probably the most obvious year for me to love because it’s the year I became a mother. (ok, really I was 29 when I had Sydney but she was born three weeks before my birthday so most of my first year of motherhood was spent at 30). I learned a lot about myself this year. I learned just how much love a heart could hold and I’m so glad I did. I learned a new definition of “all nighter” and I loved (almost) every second of those late night feedings and cuddle sessions. I learned what hard is and I learned what amazing is. I have always known that I wanted to be a mother, and she showed me the absolutely joy that is being the mother I’ve always wanted to be.


Twenty-One years young.

Twenty-one years young.

It isn’t what you think. This year ranks high up on my list of favorite years because it’s the year I met Steve and I found the one my heart wants. We had an incredible first year because we were young and in love and whenever our lives get hard I think back to how little we had and how we still survived. Young love. It’s a beautiful thing.


Husband and Wife.

Husband and Wife.

The year that Steve and I enjoyed a wonderful wedding day and became man and wife. We had a wonderful wedding filled with love, our family, and closest friends. We were at the start of the rest of our lives and we had no idea how it would play out but we did know that we loved each other to find out how it would go.


My first car.

My first car.

The year I got my first taste of freedom. My drivers license. I was the first of my friends with both a license and a car. A 1992 Buick LeSabre. Boy was that thing huge and it fit a TON of my friends. I’m glad there weren’t the laws about how many passengers we were allowed to stuff in to one vehicle because I wouldn’t have nearly as many fun memories of crusin’ around town with my friends as I have if I had only been allowed 1 passenger.




The year I became an adult. When I thought that I knew everything there ever was to know about being an adult but I didn’t have any real adult responsibilities. Life was still simple but I felt so grown up. I had no idea what real adult life was all about and I didn’t much care because all I knew was I was finally 18 and there would be college – anywhere but here – and then there would be time to figure out life. Too bad what I didn’t know was that not only would I not leave this town but I wouldn’t want to leave it either.

Here we go thirty-two. I’m ready for whatever this year has to offer. I don’t know what this year will hold for me and I know enough to know that I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.


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