The Great Purge. Part 6.

While I was home I made some serious progress on my purge project. I have been working on this very slowly for months. It has been a huge undertaking, but I’m glad that we’re getting it done. I’m sure there is a lot more purging we could do around here, but I think for now we have some other home projects that we need to tackle.

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I finally finished cleaning up my office. I need to get some things a little more organized, but I’ve definitely made a huge dent in this room that I feel so good about it.

Much cleaner!

Much cleaner!

I also finished up with my closet. I have a LOT of stuff but I also made a HUGE donation to Goodwill. With the new job I’ve made some changes to my wardrobe so I was finally able to part with some of the clothes that I know that I’m not wearing to this job or probably ever so even though I have previously been able to convince myself that I will wear them I know I will not and it felt good to get rid of that stuff. I also really enjoy making donations to Goodwill because the clothes are still in really good shape (or I throw them away) and someone else out there may be thrilled to buy something that I was thrilled to get rid of.

Goodwill Donation.

Goodwill Donation.

One evening, on a random whim, I also went through our pantry and our spice cabinet. I have been meaning to get it done because they were both pretty out of control and I felt like I couldn’t find anything or that we had food but never really had anything to eat. It’s so much better now and I’m glad that I actually got around to taking care of it.

Cleaning out the pantry.

Cleaning out the pantry.

I don’t think I realized how much purging I have really needed to do. At home we’ve had things piling up here and there and everywhere and I’ve been just pushing it off and out and around and ignoring it. I really don’t know why – or even how – I let this get so bad but man do I really regret it because this was a lot of work. It felt like it took forever. And it definitely, on and off, took a few months. I think it wouldn’t have been so bad if I had just completely focused on it and didn’t keep taking such long breaks but I think I would have gone a bit crazier if I had just done it all at once. I’ll probably end up doing a big Spring cleaning but we’ll see because I’m just going to try really (really!!) hard not to let my house get this bad ever again! But for now I’ll be taking a nice break from this great purge and turning towards some home renovations. Stay tuned for those – that should be interesting!


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