Oh Hey Friday.

Hey Friday! Boy am I happy to see you. This week has been pretty good for me – work is going really well and my days are so full of stuff I enjoy that they are going pretty quickly. This week we’re wrapping up the work week with a holiday luncheon which makes me think about all the holiday things that I love and this weeks list…

Five things I love about this holiday season.


Peppermint everything. I’m a sucker for a seasonal treat and much like my pumpkin obsession in the fall I have the same obsession in the winter with peppermint. Peppermint milkshake from CFA; Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks; Peppermint bark… you get the idea. Bring on the peppermint. I’m actually considering making a peppermint treat for Christmas. From scratch. That’s when you know I’m serious.


Decorating my house for the holidays. Steve claims I go overboard but I tend to disagree. He may be right, because it does usually take me like a whole day to decorate our house – when I do the house and the tree at the same time – but this year it didn’t take quite that long. Whatever, I don’t care that it looks like the holidays threw up in our house because our house looks too pretty for me to care about that.

Oh Christmas Tree.

Oh Christmas Tree.

This year I have toned down my decorating considerably because there is a tiny toddler roaming about that may be hazardous to my decorations. Sydney loves the tree – when we come home every day she wants to turn on the “light light” on the tree! It is awesome to see her so excited. I know that she doesn’t really know what’s going on this year, but the excitement on her face this year is priceless.


I love that we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Steve is Jewish and I’m Catholic so we each have our own traditions but we’ve combined them to honor each of our families and our traditions. I think it’s going to be really awesome for Sydney to grow up understanding both religions and their traditions.

Hanukkah 2013.

Hanukkah 2013.


I love holiday parties. I’m not sure we’re going to any this year, but last year we went to an Ugly Sweater party that was a freaking blast. Maybe next year we’ll throw our own holiday party… this year we’ve got a bit too much on our plate for me to have even entertained the idea of throwing a party.

Ugly Sweater Party.

Ugly Sweater Party.


Presents. Because duh. Who doesn’t love presents? I actually really love to buy presents for people because I love seeing their reactions when they open their gifts. I enjoy gifts the most when you can tell that the giver put some serious thought in to the gift – no matter what it is, it definitely means a lot when you know someone thought it was perfect for you.



In case you were wondering why “spending time with my family” isn’t on here it’s because that answer to “what do you love about the holidays” is apparently very annoying to my sweet husband. To him, when he hears that answer, he thinks that it means you hate them for the whole rest of the year. I do really enjoy getting some extra special family time during the holidays but I do also enjoy their company the whole year.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is wonderful.


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